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I am writing this topic in order to share an interesting tactic I created and receive the opinion of more experienced players. I do not garantee you will get the same results as me since the tactic and squad are still in an Alpha phase of sorts and I believe there are anomalies with the behaviour of one of my players that have bypassed the logical outcome of the matches.

I started playing Fm19 back in january and this has been the very first Football Manager I've played. After receiving tips from my friends I started trying (and failing) to implement my tactical ideals in the game. After several failed attempts I decided to try something different and replicate a winning formula from real life. 

The team I chose to emulate was The Arsenal Invincibles. I went for Man United on account of their fast strikers and riches. To my surprise the tactic was actually winning games and even smashing some opponents so I decided not to switch anything and keep going until mid season in december.

The first half of the season has been a huge success, we are unbeaten in the premier league and Carabao Cup and our only defeat came against Atlético Madrid. 


14 victories and 5 draws for a grand total of 47 points and 50 goals scored against only 12 conceded for a first place with only Arsenal keeping up with us.


This is my starting eleven, it has evolved a lot from what it started as with some players being injured or falling out of favour with me. To be fair Mata was meant to play as the Attacking midfielder but he has been injured for the last 4 months so I can't really say he has played for us. Let's talk about the tactic.

In many ways the 4411 is the cutting edge of purely english football.  Because the 442 is soviet in origin and Lobanovsky's interpretation of it was so superior to the english one I will argue that the 4411 is a better exponent of english football that the 442. It was introduced by Manchester United in the 90s and was the formation employed by the top tier of english football until Mourinho and Benitez arrived to the premier league and introduced the 451 Iberian systems. On paper the change is a rather simple one, the top dogs of english football changed their traditional physical Targetman for a modern technical nº10, in everything else it behaved like the english 442 of old. When it came to praxis it turned out that the two banks of four were unable to cope with the movements and flair of these new players, It took years until the correct way of defending against a nº10 became widespread in england. Cantona, Zola and Bergkamp are perhaps the finest players to play as a nº10 in an english 4411. Arsenal played a clinical style of football exploiting their pace and intelligent movement and not really dwelling on the ball as much.

All my instructions are aimed at playing a direct fast style of football both when attacking and counter attacking. Play out of defence is a special case in that it seems counter productive to the way we are trying to play but I find it preferable to make the ball reach the midfield before we attempt a pass into space. I thought that without it I would see loads of long balls from De Gea and the defence. I chose the lower line of engagement to invite the teams into creating space for us behind their backs and the more narrow defending because I like compact defences. Our possession stats are terrible, we are the team with the lowest percentage of possession in the league with an abyssmal 44%.

Like I said in the introduction the team is still being built, Right now De Gea, Tierney, Sancho, Pogba, Martial and Rashford are the only players who I envision playing for me when the squad is finally built.

One very strange aspect of this team is Rashford. Martial is simply better at being Henry than he is but for some strange reason Martial never really played well as the striker while Rashford has scored a ridiculous 27 goals in 26 appearances including substitutions. This is why I say there is an anomaly that pollutes this whole tactic. Rashford shouldn't be that good.

I some questions to ask to the more experienced players in the forum.

1. Is my tactic actually good or just a result of Super-Rashford?

2. Have you ever had a player over-perform like that?

3. Is there anything you would change in my tactic? (nonsense instructions I am somehow getting away with)

4. Is this a proper replication of the Invincibles? what would you change to make it more faithfull?


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42 minutes ago, BridgelessGeorge said:

Is my tactic actually good or just a result of Super-Rashford?

Given your results and position on the table, the tactic is obviously good for the team you are managing. One player alone - no matter how good he might be - cannot compensate for a bad tactic. 


43 minutes ago, BridgelessGeorge said:

Have you ever had a player over-perform like that?

In my Man Utd save, it's actually Martial that has been overperforming (so far). Though my tactic is fairly different from yours (including the formation). 


45 minutes ago, BridgelessGeorge said:

Is there anything you would change in my tactic?

If it works - as it obviously does - why would you change anything and thus risk ruining something that is producing good results? 

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