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[FM17] From the very bottom of my heart: A Titan is born

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Technical Details:

  • Database: EnglandtoLevel22FALeagueCups6.0 found in fmscout, created by Dan BHTFC
  • Club created with the Create-a-Club option.
  • 30 players with value 0 were selected to the starting team.
  • Maybe I will post screenshots, maybe no.
  • Club taken: Heath Rangers
  • Club Name: London Titans F. C.
  • Professional Status: Amateur
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Stadium: Titans HQ, 750
  • Stadium location: Manchester, UK
  • Initial Tickets: AP 4 euros, AST 87 euros
  • Initial Tickets Holders: 5
  • Initial Estimated Value: 20K


So, let's begin...

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It's a calm day down in Dominican Republic, was winter for them, but it was really winter? temperatures were almost 20 to 23 Celcius degree.  When Thomas Jefferson, named in honor of the third US president, was going back to his grandfather nation, England.  Once there he reached a bar and watching a match, he showed the desire to manage a club, but his honest origins would be difficult for him to get that job.  Maybe was luck, maybe just his destiny, sitting right at his side was Tom Saunders who, drinking a scotch whiskey, and turning to Thomas said:

- "Are you new here?"

- "Yes, Sir." was the response.

Another sip and Tom explained that he was forming a new club, he already had all the papers and were waiting for the FA to assign him a league, and now he got a response that a team in the lowest level resigned his participation and dissolved, and as they had the priority the open spot was for them to take, the club would be based in London, and the name London Titans F.C., he had the initial team, but anyone as coach, and he was tired searching for someone to join him in this new adventure and with a sad face he said he only got laugh over and over.  Thomas, thinking a little, said, "I could become your head coach, but I'm willing to had no interference from you, someday we will be sitting top of the world"

Thomas sat in his small new office, would he return to the land he was born, was a question in his head, but now he was going to evaluate the team, and start posting hiring ads for some spots in the coach open slots, one for the assistant manager, one coach, one head of youth development, two scouts, and two physios, that was the initial budget he had.  And for the competition, being in that league opened spots in three cups: the Brian Hall Challenge, the Mid Sussex Junior and the Tester Challenge cup, alongside with the Mid Sussex Division Nine.  The board goals were simple, avoid being last in the league, and just take a taste in the cups, but Thomas had another thinking, in that initial he would push for a mid table position, for now the cups were not his interest, he wanted to construct a team, and wanted to evaluate the team, and as new in that land, he didn't want to push more, even the media predicted the team to finish first.

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Editor's Note: After reviewing the clubs details I did forgot that a link was made in the creation, but a link that wouldn't reflect the realism of this save, so I have to redo everything again, gladly I wasn't too on in the season, just played the friendlies, so making it back to the first day wasn't a deal.  I made also some changes that will explain in the next post but as an ingame thought.

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Thomas Jefferson couldn't believe that the teams stadium were located in Manchester, didn't the president say that the club was formed in London?  Maybe they couldn't find a suitable stadium to begin their task, maybe they will relocate in the future to London, he wanted the city, but being in Manchester would be good to, that city  has two of the most prestigious English Clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City, and in the meantime he could learn two or three things.

The coach team sucked, said Jefferson, there were a assistant manager, the chief scout, and the head physio.  In their places were signed with an amateur contract: Jim Neil, Assistant Manager; Terry McPhillips, coach; Peter Challis, HoYD; Jhon Gray, Head Scout; Mark Bowley, Scout; Tommy Callinan, Head Physio; and Mel Singleton, Physio.

A meeting with the president was made, they agreed in a new philosophy: Develop youngsters and made them to go to the first team.  Even he knew that the facilities were not anything out of the world, just pretty basic, as all new club.  Even without any financial help, and being so low, and just five people as ticket holders, maybe the closest friends of the president, so the team had to overcome too much to became a legend, a real Titan in England.


Editor's Note: Some RP notes alongside the season will be the norm, but a yearly update with all the data will be posted, and/or any last cup update.


201718-Titans Facilities.png

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Mid Season Review

New year, and Thomas Jefferson and the team was celebrating, the main topic, the great season they were having, top of everything, when nobody gave them any hope.  They were just ten points to be crown the first champion of the Nine, yet a long journey to became England champ, but one step less.   Also in the cups they were the road was good, in two of them they reached the quarter-finals, meanwhile in the Brian Challenge they were already in the semi-finals.  In all of them the board wanted to reach the first round, so job done.   So far the team only lost one game in this period, and was because the manager wanted to test something with the back up players as .  But the team got the form quickly and performed t





The players, the players, one thing that Thomas was thinking, how he would keep them for the next season, his coaches and scouts told him that several of them had the ability to perform well in tier 6, even some in the League One, he was hoping that nobody would notice down here, but that was just a dream.







Other thing that was worrying him was the finances, the club wasn't making money, as just five people bought the all season tickets, and in the home matches there were only averaging 14 visitors, but that was common in that level, where the team with better average was K&H with 18, and mostly them were just receiving at most the 2% of their stadium capacity.  If he could do something, maybe winning, promoting and taking the cups more people would want to follow the team.  Because one thing Thomas wanted and was to have his own stadium, but that was too far away from now.




After the party Thomas read the news, and something caught his attention, an article about a decision that was made by UEFA at the beginning of the season, and was that they stripped the coefficients of several nations, so in the next season those nations would start the European campaign with the lower teams that any other nations, would they return to the top? and how many years would that take?




Editor's note:  Next post will be the intake.  Cheers.

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