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Players losing 'natural' positions

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Dear All,

I have experienced two issues recently when I tried to give a player a brand new position (both occurred when training a new position from scratch--from 'zero' rating). I had Guendouzi who was natural in CM and DM. I tried to retrain him as a CB. Everything was fine. However, the moment he got to 'accomplished' at CB, he immediately dropped to 'competent' at DM (retained natural CM position). He did not even hit 'accomplished' at DM. I have since trained him back as a DM, so there isn't a new screenshot.

Exactly the same thing happened with Foden. He was natural at CM, AM and RW. I started training him (from zero) as a ST (false nine role). Again, everything was fine, but the exact moment he hit 'accomplished' at ST, he dropped from 'natural' to 'competent' at CM. Screenshot below:


Is this supposed to happen? I assumed that it took so long to become 'natural' because that then became a position the player would never lose, as opposed to 'accomplished' which I know can drop if the player is retrained.

If this is supposed to happen, is there any way of telling which position which be lost? With Guendouzi, he lost his DM competence, but retained CM. I ended up with a player who could play CB and CM, but not DM, which doesn't make much sense!

Thanks, in advance.

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