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Added features for switch (touch)

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I’ve put in many hours into this year’s switch version and I’m happy to say I’ve had a great time. A few things I would suggest:

- there is a lack of customisation options on the touch version of the game, in comparison to the full version (editor tools) and even the mobile version (unlockables).  The issue is that this limits the replayability of the touch version, as customisation is a huge incentive to try new games for a lot of players. I would suggest adding the unlockable add ons from the Mobile version to fix this issue and incentivise players to keep starting new games! 


- having only 3 save slots on the switch version does become an issue in the long term! I’ve had to delete 6+ saves with between 2-5 seasons of progress each to make room for new save files! I would suggest incorporating cloud saves that take advantage of the Nintendo switch online cloud functionality, if possible! 


- please add coaches into the switch version! It’s oddly limited in that regard


- please add options to store multiple formations like in the other versions. 


- this may sound slightly odd, but potentially add sliders to the database screen that influence the regularity of certain attributes in your game, such as ‘transfer activity’, ‘player interactions’ etc. I believe this would certainly help to tailor the game to each specific player’s preference. Whether they would like a more streamlined experience or one that is more detailed. 


Hope this helps! Thanks for listening! 

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