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What I expect.... From Football Manager 2020 .... Copy/Paste Content & Element's again ?

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What I expect....
1. New & BETTER 3D graphics !!! - Don't use graphics from 2010 year, today is 2020 !!! Fifa 2020 graphics for matches !!! Add Unique voice commentary for matches !!! Are we playing Football Simulator or what?

2. Better Multiplayer Element - Stable, fast multiplayer !!! ( I in evry game hate this element, just not work and imposible to played vs other players in random game. )

- " Improvements to Online Football Manager, it has such high potential for a great game mode but the fact players have to host the server makes it a very laggy experience for most of us. "

3. Random Generated Event's - in Game this Element is key for games from 2020 !!! {for not boring players in game) Events For Football Player's , for Staff's , For Fan's , For Stadium ( repair ....) , Shop , Ivenstitor's , Media... Scout's

4. Shop Center, Club Marketing/Financial Side Better Vision , Club Hall of Fame/Museum - Let each player create unique Shop Center/Museum ... Where evry player in this game have own space for freedom !!! Create Unique Football Shirt's, Unlocked Ton's of Elements for SHOP CENTER. Player Building see inside your own SHOP/Museum. I think he had it in Premier Manager 98. 
( this is key element for not boring game and evry year is game just SAME and COPY/PASTE ) And give for player's better vision on Football Club Finance's ! Hall of Fame & Control on Advertising - Give to player little things/elements for fix club budget's, to be more 


" The financial side of the game is terrible. Especially in lower leagues. It's near impossible not to lose money from the bank balance in league two. Also the transfer fees in non league and lower end of league two are so unrealistic and too high. Sort this out and the ridiculous amount of goals scored from crosses then FM20 could be the best one in years. "

5. Hard Transfer Market ( Not expensive, difficult and not predictable for player ) - Make transfer Market is HARD, HARD!!! Make Football Star's very Capricious ... this is 2020 not 2010 !!! ( This is Just idea - You Played Sims ? Put In Evry Footballer Star's with rating global star or Worldwide ... Unique Traits ( Negative or Positive this is random generated from game )

6. Unique characteristics for Football Stars - What is diffirent with Real Wоrld and Game World ... Balotelli vs Belotti ? What is diffirent in pitch and in game world/social dynamics ? Only with Aggresion point in pitch ? Off-field in the game what is it like and how you will present us with good differences between the characters. Evry Player/Character make Unique Good or just Bad Boy ! Yes this is hard but this is key element in this game. A set of Elements not just Footballer point skill's in pitch.


" Regen player faces are too similar, all the youth players in my team look basically the same. "

7. Better SCOUT SYSTEM with Unique Talents for Progression - Searching young footballer's & Future star's... make this hard in scouting. In most cases make the player more confused. The player must follow the team play,rating's... the form of the player he is following. And not just to receive instant everything for player from staff! Make this game hard, hard for decision from player. Wrong transfers sometimes happen, right?

- " The scouting package system is smart but a problem is that even if you can't afford the biggest package, you can select it, scout all the players that you see on the transfer market and then go back to the package you can afford. "

( Most of the time I'm looking for players myself not my staff's )



" Less Wonderkids...too easy to find them! "


8. Better Vision in Young Center & Training -  Progression system where player have choice.... Many Players or Better young Players , much more thing's.


- Updates on Head of Youth Development's regen hunt: 
This is a feature that i always wanted. Signing a HOYD and hoping for the best regens after 10 months is sort of like, "things out of order".  As a manager, we should know what sort of Regens we will be watching, Physical traits, technical traits and mental abilities. I know the regen intake is influenced by HOYD personality but we should have a meeting with HOYD and talk to him whenever possible. Discuss about his mission, make him demands on what sort of young talent we are looking for etc...This will promote managers who prefer to play a particular brand of football. For example, Possession Football (For this, we would obviously demand our HOYD for regens with good technique and first touch)


" Regens/Newgens - They all look the same. "


"Players are NEVER satisfied with their training . They ask you to give them a specific individual training and a week later they ask it to be removed. "


" Rework of the Current ability - Potential Ability system. This has annoyed me forever, You sometimes get coach reports of how someone is excelling in training, you click on the person and you see red arrows all over the place. Sometimes I don't get why some wonderkids regress when they have good personalities, get playtime, having fantastic match ratings, dedicated training schedule but still regress. I would like to see potential ability having a chance to change for the better, if you have a young player that has had a major season match rating wise but lacks PA, they could get a bump "

9. Goal line technology - Its never a goal! Improve Goal Line - What is this element in game ? For what add Goal Line in Game ? On repetition everyone will see this is Goal or not. To have some impact on the player - Surprise/Wrong decisions! You have to focus on that to make it realistic gameplay!

10. Better press conferences !!! More intereset for Player and not just skiped 


" Improve the press conferences, they become tedious fairly quickly. "

11. Player Unique Motivation Bar for improved form ( except happy / unhappy ) and football pitch luck 

12.  Improved Agents Profile


  " This is a age where agents are dictating the real life transfers. They basically have a lot of say behind all the major transfers. We would love to see detailed agent profiles with Personalities. This will make signing new players and selling unwanted players a bit more challenging. For example : Mesut Ozil's agent is Erkut Sogut. Suppose you want to sell Ozil and the player is also ready for a move but the agent convinces the player otherwise and he decides to stay and viceversa. This would make things a bit more realistic and challenging. Agents with greedy personalities need to be dealt with more money, agents with morals and discipline could be impressed by a particular brand of football, agents who are really loyal to their players will be in unison with the player's opinion. This would be a break through addition to FM20. "


13. Stadiums Editor & House , Manage Club & Features , Advertising Model's ( Car, Family , Happines , Building's ) - Lot of World Stuff for specific needs - Very Important Game need's Much much better customisation when creating a manager! 


" I want a chairman mode where we can be the chairman instead of the manager. "


" Features! Better control over the youth setup, with the right investment, you get better youth players. Changes to the business aspect to the club. like sponsors, and maybe investing in buildings and shops and stuff like that. Maybe being able to invest into training facilities and such. Make it more then just a number from 1 to 20. These changes can be turned on and off just like the training. This would make the game into a proper manager game, not just a coach game. "



" Introducing private life of manager - By the end of my career once I had 700mil euro... And? Why should I even bother to negociate my salary with the team? At least let me invest in my favorite team, or for exemple to buy my hometown team in a low division...  "


14.  Better international management


" For me, my one biggest wish is to see much much better international management. Right now, international management seems almost an afterthought. There's very little interaction with the players, no control over how training works at camp, etc. There needs to be so much more detail there because right now it doesn't feel like you're managing a national team, it just feels like you're coming in to set the tactics and... that's it. One ambitious option is to tie international management into the national attributes and leagues. What I mean is, as international manager, you can negotiate with your nation's FA (a bit like making board requests), and those directly impact on certain aspects of how the national leagues are structured (the quality of their youth development, their home-grown restrictions, etc.) That would mean, over long term, that you'd have a really big real impact. Real life counterparts to that already exist if you look at countries like Germany who really thought about how to improve their national team by changing how their domestic football was structured. "


15. Better Dynamics Work & Social Event's 


" Another less urgent feature I'd like to see is more complexity in the dynamics. I already like how the dynamics work, but I think it is too one-directional between the managers and the players, with not enough interaction between the players. So for example, you can make players happy and unhappy, and other players could back the manager or back the unhappy player, but the players never really have interactions with each other if it doesn't refer back to the manager. In real life, players sometimes get upset with each other without the manager having done anything, get into fights, and players may even request a transfer because they hate their teammates. This would make it more challenging to build a good squad -- contrasting personalities will have a bigger impact than it does now. "

Let everyone put an idea, let's see these developers listen to their fans. As absurd as they may be.

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