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Hi guys,

I usually take control of a Premier league club in the past as that's the league I watch and know most about but decided to try something a little different and do an unemployment save to try and work my way up the hard way, or if I take to a team where I'm successful, take a team up to the big time! 
It's taken until November but I've finally been offered and accepted my first job at Morecambe FC who are languishing in 23rd in league 2. No win in 12 in the league, out of all the cups and skint. A tough start to management! 
In 3 games, I've taken a point from top of the league MK Don's away (0 0), a point at home to Port Vale (0 0) and my first win away at Lincoln.
Now I'm looking at trying to bolster a couple of positions and possibly sell a few players to generate some cash since I have no budget whatsoever.
So on to my questions--please can people with lower league experience suggest some players to try and sign and any tips for managing at this level?
So far, I'm caught between playing a 433 DM and 442.
Having compared my team to the rest of the league, I lack quality in midfield but I've got an above average physical team who work hard and are strong so in the short term at least, I've decided to try and be strong at the back and play fast and direct going forward, to bypass my poor midfield and hope my strong strikers can hold the ball up.
In terms of training, focus is on set pieces, as is individual training for my best free kick/corner/throw in takers.
I don't expect to have a lot of possession but the hope is that I can soak up pressure and then be direct on the break with early floated crosses into the box for my striker(s) which so far seems to have worked in terms of results.

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You are better off trying on this English Football League thread :thup: You will probably get more answers on there as alot of people are managing in English leagues at the moment :D 

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