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Ascoli Calcio - La Macchina Moderna

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I'm not italian, not an italian football addicted, but Ascoli is a new "passione".


There's not plenty of people who choose Ascoli, actually. Normally, we, the virtual managers, choose that clubs that has a known charisma, a sleep giant or clubs with a hell of a project but that are still to make those large steps in and [maybe off] the pitch and that's not bad at all! But Since I was a kid, playing fifa in manager career mode(we all have been there) I had that finger to choose clubs with a Financial limit, negative balance, and with the expectation to die drowned in the league.


That's not dropbox but I will be posting here my progress, my choices, my tactics, all my moves and if someone there sparks an interest, feel well accepted to investigate, opine or just enjoy!

(I've already started and will show everything that happened before my "today")

P.S.: Made a freak move, bought 9 players in the fresh start and not a hamburguer as I would like with my financial possibilities

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*Reservated space to post club*


So, Ascoli Piceno is a comune in Italy with 48 773 habitants and a touristic and fascinating place. The club has been crowned champions of Serie B(2x),  Italian League Pro Champion, Mitropacup and runner up of Serie B once.


However, these achievements are way down in history and 33 years after I assume as manager of this club to propose entertaining football and hopefully hands on Glory.

My first sprint is to clinch to a Serie A league and level considering the prediction of 2018/2019 to survive financially and in the league  - (Board expect to avoid relegation)


Second Sprint is to develop a football able to travel through Europe in Europa League and with the maximum of 2 seasonswin it.
    2.2- Youth Academy have a profit of 17M Euros

    2.3- Prepare Youth to Europe Competitions 


Third is to reach Champions League Quarter Finals with just one year of experience in the championship, no matter the group stage.







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Logo: Inserted Myself

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