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Lacazette was in a real funk, hadn't scored a goal for about 2 months and his back up, Nketiah, was also not firing on all cylinders either. 

In my second season with 10 PL games left i was seriously in danger of throwing the league away. 

So what did i do? 

I went and spunked 263m on Mbappe. 3 x 40m to be paid over 3 seasons and 143m upfront. 

It was a drastic solution which did fix my problem, we started winning again and look like we'll see out the league, but part of me still thinks i paid too much. 

I'm sure if i sell him in 5 seasons i'll get back my money, or if he retires after 15 years at the club then that works out at 17.5m per season, not that much when you consider it that way, but it kinda goes against my ethos as a football manager. So maybe i'll just punish myself and won't spend any money for 3 seasons. :) 

So i guess it begs the question - what are the greatest lengths you've gone to which helped you achieve your goals and how did it make you feel? 

on a side note, fully expected Mbappe to be cup tied for CL games as i signed him at the start of the knock out round, but he wasn't and i was able to register him - surely this is a bug? 

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I'm not a big fan of splashing cash. I feel like I'll never be completely satisfied because now that I paid that much, the guy better be incredible. If he is, I'll be like "yeah well, I paid for it" and if he's only very good, I'll be like "it wasn't worth that much money, I could have gone the same result for half the price".

With Braga I've had 450M+ in transfer budget for at least 5-6 seasons in a row. Yet I only recently started to spend more (95M twice and 65M). Even last summer, I had in mind to splash any amount on the best striker I could get. 200M if necessary. But all the top ones had that tiny thing that made me say "meh, that's very expensive if he doesn't have this or that". Ended up spending 95M on a wonderkid (which was still my top spending).

M'Bappé probably isn't the worst one to do it on. In my save he's been pretty amazing. Although he stayed in L1 so it's not easy to really say. But he won 3 Ballon d'Or, 4 FIFA's best man,...

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I just had a huge offer for him at 29 accepted £117m + 3 players valued in excess of £100m but he then wanted £550k per week plus bonuses and fees - that's a hard nope from me.

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I spent around £150m on Dybala on an early save of FM19.

I didn’t actually need him as I was using youth players and a couple of wonderkids thats I brought doing well for me but City were trying to sign him and I didn’t want my rivals improving their squad to challenge my 3rd straight title attempt with United.

Also I must add that I had been looking at signing Dybala originally at the end of the first season but with Gomes and Chong in the squad I wanted to give them a chance. End of the second season I nearly went for him again but chose not to again due to having Gomes and Ching as well as some wonderkids. I only got him in January of the 3rd season due to City having an offer accepted

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