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Should I go professional?

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I`m currently in The Danske Bank Premiership (top tier in Northern Ireland ), and I got some money from playing in the Europa League qualifying rounds. So now I have some money, would it be a good idea to go professional? (I am Semi-rofessional now)


And what happens to all the players who`s on semi-professional contracts with only appearance fees in their contracts?


Basically I`m looking for pros and cons here.

What are your guys thoughts?

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Posted (edited)

My first question would be how sustainable is a full time professional club in your league? It might be OK while you have the money but can you keep it going for xx number of years? Personally, I always leave that decision to the board or to the league rules.

However, I believe the player contracts will remain the same, you can have players and staff working part-time for a full-time club, however, be aware of the impact on training if the coaches are there full-time and some players part-time and vice versa.

Some players might not wish to go full-time, some staff might not either so there could be a larger than expected re-building process to go through. If you aren't getting past the qualifying rounds, my feeling would be to remain at the status you are until you can make the group stages on a regular basis.

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If you aren't bored yet, go pro. 

As already said, if your club is financially sustainable (big money from continental cups, etc., or if you sold a player for a big fortune), go pro. You'll attract better players, will have better training and staff structure, etc.

(If you are fired, you still have bragging rights... :-)


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I'd say go for it as soon as possible although I don't think that one run into the Europa League qualifiers would give enough money for the board to grant it. You are likely to need around £2.5M in the bank.

As for the players on semi-professional non contracts they would remain on those contracts until you decided to renew. At which point you would have to offer them professional deals.


- The majority of other N. Irish teams operate at semi-professional status so you will have an advantage in terms of fitness and training time over them. Your players will also develop better when allowed to train daily.

- The quality of player willing to come for a professional deal is a much higher standard than those who would sign for the club on semi-professional contracts.

- You are able to cast a far wider net when it comes to scouting which can be especially powerful in a weaker league.

- Helps you become more competitive in Europe where you will face professional teams.

- If your philosophy is to develop young talent and become a selling club then it can be very helpful in generating money which is needed as domestic income is poor. Clubs don't tend to spend big sums on part time players.

When you combine all that together it is a recipe to become dominant domestically which should make it easier to get access to the Champions League.


There is only really one but it is within your control.

If you don't manage your finances correctly and have a sustainable budget you can quickly find yourself in financial trouble. On turning pro, I'd ignore what the board allocates to you in transfer and wage budget and base what you spend on your likely earnings (best to be pessimistic). Raid the loan market (you'd be surprised how many good young players are available from bigger clubs for 0% wage contribution or alternatively sign a senior affiliate). Use the free transfer market wisely and have a strict wage cap both for players and staff.

It is always preferable to turn pro and I can't think of a situation where you wouldn't want to do it. Provided you aren't reckless with the finances you should be able to sustain it in the long term also.  

Hope that has been of help

Best Regards

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Thanks a lot for the input, guys. I guess I`ll have to save up some more money before going pro, but if I manage that I will for sure!


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