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Transfer Bid Rejection Reason

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Please can we have the option to state why a transfer bid has been rejected back?

I keep getting completely derisory bids from the AI for my players. Often a third of the value I paid 12 months earlier. You hear it all the times clubs stating a bid is completely unacceptable so its odd this feature was removed. It could be extended further to reject a bid for now but might be considered at some point in the future. That would help with explaining the reason to the player too.

Attached is an example which has particularly frustrated me. I keep getting £675k bids for this player. I signed him for £3.5m and he's been a huge success for me. He won't be going anywhere for less than £12m. I'd love to be able to explain to the idiot AI managers how insulting their offers are!

EDIT: Sorry I have a MacBook and I don't know how to get the Print Screen and attach function to work but sure you can get the gist!

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