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Creating an interesting tactic for 4th season with Frankfurt

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Hi all!


I'd like to ask all for some help to come up with a nice tactic for my Frankfurt side. I'm heading into the 4th season on the save, 21/22 (3rd with Frankfurt) and would like to mix things up by creating a new tactic.

On my first season with Frankfurt I got 4th in the Bundesliga, I played a 4-2-3-1 with a DMC as a Regista, a BWM on MC and a Trequartista as AMC, with always a winger and an IFat on either side, and a CFat leading the attack. The team played a very bureaucratic football,  but got the results going. However,  in the second season this tactic was not effective anymore and I got a lot of bad results. Now I'm fighting for an Europa League spot after changing tactics to a 4-3-3 with flat midfield.


However, as the next season draws to a close, I'm wishing to create a new tactic from scratch, and for that I'd like to hear some opinions from you guys! How would you set up this team?


Ideally, what I would like to have is a style similar to Ajax last season - fast, first touch passes to go out on counters, while also being able to keep possession against smaller sides when I'm expected to win. 

I'd prefer not to focus my play at the wings and not depending too much on crosses, as I feel that they have been very wasteful in this year's FM; I also think I don't have any good headers as my strikers. Playing the ball on the ground would be my preferred style. I love when the wide player cuts inside and slices the defense with a nice through ball for the striker or IF to slot it home :) I also love those short through balls through the center to an underlapping IWB, those are the plays! Heheh. I would also like to play a 2-strikers partnership as I miss those times of Kluivert + Saviola, Ronado + Rivaldo, Henry + Bergkamp...but I don't know how good that would turn out - I want to win more than to have two man up front, so that's not the main thing to look for here.

I feel that posting a screenshot of the squad would give too much useless information at that point, instead I'm listing the main players and adding some comments:


In defense I think a regular back four would do fine, as I have nothing special in those players, just consistent and solid options:

DC: I have Cristian Romero, Markovic and Evan N'Dicka in the squad, all reasonably fast CBs that can pass a ball. I'd prefer to play with just 2 at the back, as I don't have enough cover for them, with my backups being two young regens still very green to play regularly.

DR: Danny da Costa and Almamy Toure are my right-backs, they are nothing special but can provide some good width. Toure could be a good IWB I think, as he has reasonable vision and balance.

DL: Borna Sosa and Birger Meling are two good left-backs for Bundesliga, I think they can play fairly well as FB, WB or IWB with no issues. Meling is super consistent.


Midfield is where I find some good options for an interesting tactic:

DMC, or a more defensive MC - the screeners: I have Baumgartlinger which seems like a great BWM or Anchor, playing really solid for me. Gelson Fernandes is a good BWM too, and can serve as a nice backup. However, I feel that  a more defensive minded player is something I should find in the market for next season.

Playmakers: Tonali is a beast and can play very well as a Regista or DLP. I also have Viviani as a backup and Cuisance if I want a more offensive playmaker. Nicolas Dominguez, the former Velez guy, is also a good option to create plays from DM/MC. I feel Dominguez and Cuisance could do a good job as Mezzalas too.

Runners: I have Delaney from loan and Murgia as my possible BBMs or Carrilleros. Very versatile players,  how would you guys include one of them in this team?


In the wings and as attacking midfielders I'm a bit short to be honest, but the ones that I have are absolute beasts:

AMR: Malcom from Barcelona is an excellent IF, either on support or attack. I feel I need to include this guy in any tactic I create, even if I don't have a proper back up for him at the moment (happy to hear suggestions! :) )

AML: Matias Vargas and Pelayo Morilla can play as ML and AML, most probably as wide playmakers or inverted wings/forwards. 

AMC: Thiago Almada is one of my favourite players in this squad - he played an amazing first season with Frankfurt as a Trequartista, but in the second season he dropped immensely. How do I make this guy work?? I also feel that I have to use him, be it as AMC, AML or ST, he can produce magic for us.


And as strikers I have four really good options, hence why i was thinking of playing with two up front:

More supporting strikers, either PF, DLF or CF: Joveljic and Schick are great goalscorers but I think they can also set up play very well, agree? 

Main goalscorers: Luka Jovic on loan from Madrid :) an excellent poacher, and Fabio Silva from Porto


And that's it! I know it would be much better to post a tactic here and ask for feedback with more details on what is working and what is not, but I got really curious to read the ideas you guys have on how to play with this squad! I think we can find some very interesting and diverse formations with those players that I listed here, so I'm looking forward to see what you managers come up with!

Thanks in advance for the tips!

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With this bunch of players, I would most likely opt for a 4-2DM-3-1 Wide. The lone striker would be a poacher (Schick, Jovic, Silva). AMC would be a TQ (Almada). One wide forward would be an IF on support, and the other a winger on attack.

One DM - HB. The other DM - volante.

Fullbacks - one FB on attack, the other FB on support.

Basically, something along these lines:


IFsu            TQ            Wat


HB      VOLsu

FBat      CD     CD      FBsu

Who would be my first choice 11 for this setup:

Romero and Markovic as CBs.

FBsu - Toure

Fbat - Sosa

HB - Tonali

VOL - Murgia

AML/IFsu - Vargas

AMR/Wat - Malcom

AMC/TQ - Almada

PO - Jovic

As for the mentality and instructions, I would apply Herne's recipe - Balanced mentality and no instructions, then watch the match, see how things are going on the pitch and decide if and which instructions could/should be added (if any). But add them gradually and patiently until you get what you want.

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