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[FM19] This Isn't Kings Landing

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NK Pajde Möhlin (FC Rakitić)

An Introduction

I have always been fascinated by the idea of clubs playing in league structures that are different to their respective nations. Now I have found one that is 304.42 mi (489.92 km) from the nearest settlement in the clubs home nation . 


This club is NK Pajde, based in Möhlin Switzerland, and it is Croatian and 304 miles from Savudrija or 500 by road. 

I discovered this club by accident in a previous save, managing in Luxembourg, and a bit of research has given me the following information*

- NK Pajde Möhlin is a football club of Croatian emigrants in Switzerland from the town of Möhlin

- In 2012 they entered the Second League of the Swiss Canton Basel. On the occasion of this success, they played a historic friendly match with European star stars, friends of the chief club sponsor Ivan Rakitić: Vedran Runje , Ivan Klasnić , Mladen Petrić , Boris Smiljanić , Ivan Perišić , Emir Spahić , Mario Gavranović , Ivica Dragutinović , Franco Di Jorio , Granit Xhaka , Damir Džombić , Josip Drmić , Ivica Grlić , Daniel Pavlović and the popular Bosnian-Herzegovinian actor Enis Bešlagić 

- Pajde are the most successful Croatian football club in Western Europe, according to their wiki page

- In reality Ivan Rakatic is the main sponsor of the club and I will put his branding on the kits I have made, his Dad Luka is the President of the club and his brother Dejan is first team coach. This will change as the game has generated a new chairman and I will be managing. 

- In my previous save the club seems to have generated Croatian youths during the save so I am keen to see if it continues to do so moving forward.


The plan for this save is going to be youth only, I have spent a lot of time reading various saves here so am looking to do my own, scousevasey’s BeNeLux save is a great read and Makoto Nakamura has done a similar save in the German leagues. 

I have got a few rules to go with here;

This a youth only save


I am considering allowing myself to make 1 signing a season, they must be Croatian

I am going to play a possession based tactic, being an Arsenal fan this appeals to me, and with Ivan Rakitić as a main stakeholder I would like to imagine he would want this

I will try and sign Croatian staff but imagine this may be a problem early in the game, so will also sign Swiss staff as we are in Switzerland

First Post incoming.


 *if anyone has any more information on this club or anything I mention then let me know, most of my knowledge comes from translated wiki pages and a few posts on instagram.


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Pre Season 18/19


Arrived at the club, hopeful, anxious and raring to go. 


The club is not in a great state staff wise, as the incoming manager I will have free reign over who I work with as there are currently no backroom staff. There are 8 senior players and empty under 21 and under 18 squads. This is going to be tough.


First meeting with the chairman and we have requested a few new philosophies to be judged on and a overview of the clubs history, there will be no meeting the staff. 

As this is going to be a youth save I am going to sign a chief scout for next opposition reports but don't see much benefit on signing any more. If anyone knows thats scout affect youth pulls let me know!

So a few days later the ass man arrives and we can get down to some work. As noted in the first post, we did have to sign Swiss staff.

We are very fortunate, guessing the previous regimes pulling power helped, to have a very high standard of player in our current crop. Though we do overlap in a few positions which may be an issue. 

So first team players



Filip Petankek CB


Kenan Cejvanovic CB


Leopold Novak DL


Rexhep Thaqi ML


Marko Bicvic MC


Edis Colic AMC


Miro Slavica ST/AML


Frane Grbesa ST




As you can see some quality players for this level. Slavica is a better ST but having a secondary position ready for AML means he will play there as we look to keep this core of players happy and involved as often as possible.

Novak I will try and retrain as a BWM or RB still not decided yet as Thaqi can drop back to the LB slot. The rest of the team get their preferred positions, they may not be suited to the tactical plan of the team but it's a start.

There rest of the squad is greyed out, I have offered contracts to them all and there is no one above 1.5/2 stars but all have amazing potential. I do think that the 8 players I have inherited are making the rest of the team look bad.

We have 5k in the bank, the facilities are not at a level to produce world beaters yet so that's going to be a main aim moving forward.



Pre Season Fixtures & Results



A solid start to the year made sour by 2 events. Not the loss and the draw, but 2 of our 8 key players left. Thaqi for his native Albania and Cejvanovic back to Bosnia and Herzegovina, both for nothing but they went from amateur to £900 and £2.3k a week respectively so cant hardly blame them. 

Quite a lot of the young players I signed to contracts are being poached by Croatian clubs, this may be an issue the next few years but hopefully in the long run not so much.

Results are good, all the clubs are in or around the same level as us so gives us a good idea of where we might start but wont read too much into it as its a long season. 

The main players moving into the starting 11 with the above 8 6 players, will be as followed.



Vidovic GK


Anton Bozic CB


Mato Cakarun RB


Dalibor Hojski CM


Zoran Dabro RW




They have all dropped back to silver star ratings, which is a shame but it is what it is and we will see what happens now. Onward to Swiss glory! (we hope)

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Mid Season Update 18/19

Made it halfway (12 games in not 13) without getting the sack, job one completed. This is probably a good time for a quick run through some of the rules for this league;

-Only the top team gets promoted
-There are no playoffs, its all or nothing
-At least 11 players in the matchday squad must be trained in Switzerland
-7 Subs on bench and can use 4 of them
-Full time players must earn at least £700 p/w

So, we must finish top to go up, and the youth save seems a good idea as little flexibility in player selection otherwise. Having only one promotion spot may be a bit of a headache judging on the make up of the league.
As you can see 4 clubs pay salaries, Wangen B. Olten have one player on the books so not going to count them. Wohlen u23s are struggling as their players are all greyed out and the salary is from Wohlen who are in the promotion league. That leaves Dietikon, Muri and Freienbach, whose position as highest club salary spenders are replicated in the table having them 1,2 and 3.

So our results. And a glimpse of our friendlies coming up.


As seen it not a bad set of results but a few games in I came to the realisation that we either get promoted this year or there is likely to be a long wait. This is as I don't see many of the original players staying past January yet alone next summer, and once these are gone its going to be a lot tougher challenge in the league. The results seem to be as expected, we dropped points against 1st, 3rd, 5th and then 13th. The game against Wohlen u23s was bad, 28 shots, 13 on target but only 3 clear cut chances, but worst still was the game against the leaders Muri. Our and probably the leagues best chance to take points, it was 1-1 at half time when they went down to 9 men. The fact that we could not beat them is probably testament to their quality but also a reminder of the quality we have in the squad as a whole (not much).

Still here is the league table at the halfway point, no games until March now. Hopefully the youth intake is good and squad registration is after it, though I doubt my luck here.


Novak, our star left back, has agreed a move away and with these terms I can't really say anything.


The only star to let us down is the striker Grbesa, managing only 4 goals in 12 games, hopefully he puts on a show for the second half of the season to get himself some suitors. The RB Cakarun is doing well and so is Dabro also on the right, oddly one of our players, who is not one of the better ones, is leaving in January for a team in the non leagues below us. Odder still is he was playing, moved him to reserves just so I have an idea of squad moving forwards.

In terms of finances we seem to be doing well due to the fact we do not pay anyone, also got a shirt sponsor half way through the year so that was a nice surprise. Hopefully the upcoming friendly fixtures make us some money. The fact I had to fight to get more staff annoyed me, particularly as we don't pay any of them, but they came. Will look at bit more at them in the next update when look at our youth intake.


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2019 - First Youth Pull

As I expected, due to the lack of actual players, we have a “Golden Generation”. Bonus still is that no more of the top players left so still have 5 of them to help guide these youngsters.


3 of the top 4 players are strikers which is a little disappointing, but as we didn't really have a spare this could turn out quite well. The DC Lipotic is likely to go straight into the team, as is Zilic at DL, with a few others being rotated in over the coming weeks likely to be starters by the end of the year.

Here's the profiles;

First is Linic, not a bad player but his determination and technicals let him down, could become a solid second choice in the future.


Lipotic next, not amazing but not many of my current first team are. Decent decisions and anticipation help and should help to cover the lack of technical ability as he goes in the first 11 sharpish.


Tomic looks my favourite player here. Good technicals for this level and physical ability, but the standout is he plays in a role I often use, could be trained to the deep lying forward role and his determination is 19. Hoping for big things, straight into the squad as backup striker.


Rodic, another striker, looks good for a young poacher, will see how he develops, likely battling with Linic for 2nd striker (expecting our current first to leave).


Looking at him again, it may be closer than I think between Luetic here and Lipotic for the starting CB role alongside the current. Wait and see how they both develop.


Culina, a decent option on the left, will play backup behind current player of the season Slavica.


Zilic, now on of only 2 options at left back following the departure of Novak, expecting him to struggle going straight into the first team but there isn't really another choice. Low crossing is a disappointment.


Ljubic may push the current RB Cakarun in the seaon as we progress, but for now a solid bench choice as we didnt have a second RB before. 


Martinaga is another CB adding a bit of depth, hopefully so many players in that position means at least one of them will come good.


Marinovic may well be the starter by the end of the year, hes going to start a few games as we go again now and see how he fares.


Subaric looks a good prospect, depth in the AMC position was lacking so this is good to see, paticularly with a determination of 17. He could become a solid player in a few years.


Juric looks about the same as the current RW Dabro but isnt coming into the second half of the season with 6 goals and decent form. Likely a fustrating year for him but hopefully a good bit of growth pushes him into the starting 11.


Cipric, by virtue of having a lower ceiling is 3rd choice on the left. It's up to him to change that.


Prkic, pretty much same as above on the right. Might get more run outs for the u18s.


Vukoje is in a position we don't play, currently, but maybe more use if we go up and need a bit more sturdiness at the back.


Last but not least, Matusinskij is a MC that will probably get a decent amount of playtime as we rotate the MC pairing towards the end of matches.


Overall I am happy with this, gives us a solid base to develop from and move towards the proper leagues in Switzerland. Hoping they sign the 0 p/w youth deals not the 25 p/w ones as that may generate some issues.  

On a side note, tried to get the kits looking as real as I could but had to make a logo in the end as Ivan does not publish it online anywhere. For some reason only the home kit shows, tried the away I made as home but still no joy. Any ideas?


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End of Season Review 18/19

So 1 season in, how did the second half go? Not bad.


We finished the season in 4th, there were a couple of factors that lead to this but looking at the table now its evident there is a gap in quality between the top 3, then us, followed by the rest of the league. We lost against all 3 teams that finished above us, which was not great. Improved on our loss against Olten by drawing the second time, but a loss against Wangen Olten was unexpected. Muri also finished the season unbeaten, if we have held our nerve and beaten them it may have been very different. 

We recovered our form at the end of the year finishing with 5 wins on the bounce, so hopefully that's a good place to start from.

Into more details, we played a possession based tactic which saw us top the average possession table and also pass completion ratio, Aegeri edged us in the number of passes completed so some tactical tweaks will take place in the off-season. 


We created the 3rd most chances in the league, were 4th highest scorers but the number of chances would average at less than 2 a game so this needs to improve. This is the tactic we used.


The squad


Slavica was player of the season with the fans overwhelmingly giving him 74% of the vote, Cakarun with young player of the season was well deserved, though I am not sure how long he will last in the first 11. Happy to see 2 of the youth pull make it into the team of the season, Zillic over Novak who was arguably our best rated player before leaving. 


The real shame came with home grown rules. 

Due to the youth pull being Croatian they all had to become home grown, and only 2 of them were in time for this round of fixtures. As each match day squad requires 11 home grown players this meant that they got a lot less play time than I hoped for.

The plus side is they all become home grown by mid October this year and squad registration can be changed between matches. Downside here being mid-October is a fair way into the season and we have to hope our current star players stay one more year until the majority of the youth pull 19 can step up to replace them.


There have been some great step ups from pull to first team, these being;


19g Zilic LB (14 apps 7.45 avg) & 19b Lipotic CB (14 apps 7.12 avg)  in defense
Zilic - Stepped into big boots when Novak left. Whilst still only rated at 2 silver stars he has been a mainstay and a constant threat going forward picking up 4 assists. 
Lipotic - One of the best players from the pull, he is doing well alongside Petanjek at CB an helped us to many a result over the second half of the season. Hopefully he and Filip start the season strong next year and we manage to be further up


19k Subaric CAM  (11 apps 1 goal 3 assist 7.05 avg) & 19c Tomic ST (13 apps 3 goal 6.87 avg)  in attack
Subaric - We did not have a spare CAM in the first half of the year, so his appearance in the pull was useful. Added in one of the valuable no home grown slots as worried about depth, Colic our regular was injured and missed 3 games giving him a chance to shine. Played well getting 3 assists and I was delighted he got his first goal in our last game of the year.
Tomic - A player I talked about last update, he became backup striker and started a few games as the season winded down. Managed only 3 goals but plays in a role I want as a target man or deep striker.  

Honorable mention for 19d Rodic, he couldnt get into the matchday squad due to registration and home grown issues but has performed amazingly for the u21s with 4 goals in 6 games. His stats look good and he may push Tomic for that backup slot, or starting if the expected exodus of players happens in the summer.


In other news, none of the youth pulls have any influence yet, this may be a problem if people leave. The club are delighted with me for possession based football but less so for developing youngsters. I have improved junior coaching and youth recruitment, but facilities are still a bit much, though we have a positive bank balance so just keep saving.



I have been offered 2 jobs higher up the ladder and had a chuckle when this guy turned up against us.

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Pre-Season 19/20

So a quick update on the pre season.

We have managed to not only avoid loss in all our pre season games, we scored 17 goals in 6 games which looks promising.


First game of the season is against Dietikon, last years 3rd place team, who beat us 3-1 twice. Tough start but shows us how we may have grown, or regressed, over the summer break.

We have been made evens to win the league, only second to Thalwil who were relegated last year. Looking at their squad I think we could edge it but probably be close.


Rodic and Tomic both attracting interest, so I don’t think they will be here at the end of the year but we have retained all 5 of our big name players. 

The board expects “around the top of the league” so the pressure is on this year.

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Mid-Season Progress 19/20

Heading into the winter break, getting the skis out, we have a look back at the league so far.


Looking at the schedule, the lack of red circles becomes apparent, we are unbeaten in the league. This is great and more than I was expecting at the start of the year, it has also led us to the top of the pile. We need to stay consistent as only the top team goes up, early season favorites Thalwil look to have lost every first team player and have 12 youths every match. Dietikon first game back is a good test and then Kilchberg are the penultimate game so these matches will bookend and probably define our season. 


Standout performers include Slavica, who is now the clubs very first favoured personnel, and the entire defence. Keeper wise, my assistant manager recommended we swap keepers about 10 games in so another youth pull player comes in. 


On the 20th Oct we hit the date when 90% of the pull became home grown so this helped in registering them and having a much stronger bench. Hopefully now the second half of the season can be even better.

Biggest issue we have going into the second half of the season is who to start up top. Grbesa scored 2 goals despite starting the majority of the games and 19d Rodic has 3 but these have been mainly from the bench. Attribute wise they are quite similar now which leans me towards 19d Rodic, but I don't want to upset a team leader. 


Looking forward to the next youth pull, hopefully it's a good one.

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Youth Pull 2020

Another youth pull down and again this is looking strong, which is one of the few benefits of being in such a low league.


As we can see another strong pull for the top end of the pitch, hopefully next year will be the year of defenders. As 19d Rodic just starts to become the best player from last year's pull (by a mile) the 20d Cankovic is in a position I wanted and ready straight away for first team football. 

Player-by-Player breakdown
20a Petkovic
An attacking midfielder who comes in at 3rd rated in his position, may be a bit of time before he gets some serious minutes. He does have a much higher ceiling than my current backup and a the first choice AMC is out for 4 weeks may get an early debut.

20b Eric
Another striker to add to my stable, taking us up to 5 with all of these having at least 4 star potential. Eric however may struggle to find a place with a finishing skill of just 3 and passing of 4. 

20c Zupan
Our current creative CM Bicvic is club captain, 5 star rated and playing very well, so Zupan has a battle on his hands for the spot. In his locker he has youth and a high ceiling, with Bicvic also attracting attention from the higher divisions he could become a starter as soon as next season.

20d Cankovic
As mentioned above, last years d prospect is now a starter and soon to be star in the first 11, Cankovic will be going straight into a starting spot. Our current BWM is 3 silver stars so almost 3 gold is a massive improvement, and with a solid 15 in determination he looks set to be a regular for years to come.

20e Kovac
Kovac is now the only keeper in my squad with a gold current rating. His command of the area leaves a lot to be desired, but at 15 he's hardly going to be  taking control. His low determination is a worry but potentially with some mentoring grouping this could be pushed upwards. He may start the second half of the season in goal, will wait and see.

20f Stefuji
Not a position I usually play with a ML but if he can be retrained to AML that would be very useful, again a low determination is an issue here.

20g Sincek
The 6th striker with solid potential in my club, if only they signed actual contracts I would probably be able to fund a few upgrades selling a few off. Decent pace and finishing but low composure mean he will probaly be in the youth squads until he develops a bit.

20h Francic
Likely to become second choice LW straight off the bat, though homegrown rules will determine how many of these youngsters I can actually put in the squad until next year. Fairly god starting stats and with a bi of training a lot of decent potential here to challenge for a starting spot in a few seasons.

20i Plazonic
Striker number 7, again a few years or months if he really pushed on, and we will see where he stands in the order. 

20j Santini
We don't have a player who naturally plays RW, not the best attributes technically, with 3 crossing and 1 technique being the real issues here. May be useful at some point.

20k Miletic
A RB who is not great technically but physically he is not to shabby already for this level, strength being his biggest downfall. Will see how we go with the current option and evaluate in the summer I imagine. The determination here could benefit long run. 

20l Cavlina
A young  CB who will be 4th choice, potentially pushing into 3rd if his mentals improv over the coming months.

20m Magdic
An AMC who is just not quite there yet, offers depth if nothing else.

20n Medjumurac
A LB who offers a difficult conundrum. Almost completely better than my current LB from last year 19g Zilic, but the latter is one of the form players at the club. Likely to go straight to the bench and be rotated in over the year, summertime I will then decide which is going to be starter going forward.

20o Haluzan
A RM with some good and some bad, middling determination, could go either way.

20p Vrgoc
5th choice CB, will likely be a long time before a debut, if ever.


Overall not a bad pull. Cankovic is likely to be the only player straight into the first 11 but I see at least 3 of these guys getting semi regular game time from the bench.

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End of Season Review 19/20

End of the year, planning for the next season, which won't be in the prestigious Swiss Second League Interregio Group 5. We are going up.


Top of the league by 12 points. An odd year by some accounts. Disappointed to lose just the 1 game, it was a fiery encounter and we got our first red of the season. 20d Cankovic is a yellow card magnet getting 8 in 12 apps, something I need to somehow reign in.



18/19 Season 4th

19/20 Season 1st













Avg Poss














I said in last season write up that I wanted to improve our total number of passes, check, and ensure we remain top of the pass completion ratio and possession charts, double check. The tactical tweaks we made in the off-season seem to have accomplished our primary goal, primary as its one of the philosophies I am judged on. 

I also mentioned wanting to create more chances, which would lead to more goals, this evidently has not happened. Looking into my results and way we have played, I have found a few reasons, I believe, this is not happening.

1, Possession based football - We changed our tactic ro a much slower build up, holding onto the ball for longer. This has meant that we conceded less as the opponent has less of the ball, but at the same time we are not driving at them creating chances.

2, Players - Whilst we won the league fairly comfortably in the end, barring a few individuals we are not miles ahead of the opposition in terms of quality. If we continue to improve and develop the best squad in Switzerland then we will probably be in a better position to dominate possession and goals.

3, Management - I played every game, I am slower to react to the opposition changes or formations that an AI Manager. The flaw here is me sticking rigidly to a tactical plan despite the scoreline or circumstance, I probably need to change a bit. I have given opposition instructions to the Ass Man so that might help. 

Looking at the squad now.


By the mid point of the season all our 2019 pull were homegrown which meant we could get a lot of them into the matchday squad and by the final day, only 6/7 of the squad on any given matchday would not be from the first 2 pulls. 

Rodic was a standout in the second half of the year and nailed down the starting slot upfront. Getting 10 goals in the second half of the year he became our top scorer. He is attracting a lot of attention so hopefully can be tied down to a semi pro contract in the coming months so does not leave on a free.


Slavica was again the fans player of the season, although this time the voting gap came down from +70% of the vote to 48%. He is still a vital cog in the machine despite playing 2 years in a secondary position, being top scorer over that time and pitching in with assists (53 matches, 28 goals and 10 assists) he is a favoured personnel and I hope he sticks around.


Cakarun is still the first choice RB despite the youngster 19h Ljubic being better in every stat (bar physicals), he is putting in good numbers (52 matches, 9 assists and 7.28 avg rating). He is 2x winner of fans young player of the season this might have been his last year as the guaranteed starter as we look to bleed in 19h Ljubic some more but he is an asset to the club.

The rest of the defence, Petanjek, 19g Zilic and 19b Lipotic also had great years. This is despite the turmoil of 3 different starting keepers behind them. All of them got avg ratings over 7 and the final keeper who nailed down his slot, 20e Kovac, was just shy of a place in the 7+ club with an avg rating of 6.91. His determination jumped from 4 to 15 due to off the field issues, not seen this before but can't complain. 


Moving into the off season. Friendlies will be booked and hopefully bring in some money. The club wants to go semi pro, I was originally going to say a terrible idea but as we grow it will be useful to tie players down, even if it is to tiny contracts. Bicvic may become an issue, best player, captain and all round great asset, wants to leave.

No plans for facility upgrades currently, with a balance of 9k I can understand why. Hopefully get some bigger sponsorship deals moving forward. Every time i ask for a larger affiliate to help grow the clubs it is rejected, I may just ask for one for getting loan players and them not take any on loan but take the few grand they give yearly. 

NK Pajde_ Confidence Club Issues-2.pngElliott Ketcher_  Inbox-15.pngElliott Ketcher_  Inbox-14.png

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