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Youth only challenge

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Really wanting to do a youth only challenge but am at a loss as to who to go with. Bit tricky at this stage as where aren't that far away from FM20 so it wouldn't really be able to be anything seriously lower league. Maybe second division? 


I haven't got a clue. Hoping you lot could help me out :D

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Once I can get my hands on a new laptop (which should be around the time fm20 arrives). I intend to do a save with Sunderland using a cantera philosophy inspired by Athletic Bilbao, in other words I may only use: 

-players that start at the club 

-regens produced by the club's youth intake 

-former players that have spent time in the club's youth system (like Pikford, Henderson, Hourihane etc, and also buy back regens that might not be good enough at the time but developed well at an other club)

-regens produced by feeder clubs

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Athletic Club - built in philosophy only allowing players who have grown up in the Basque region (e.g have Basque Nationality in game) to play for the club. Means you have to bring through your own youth players but do also get the chance to sign players who have come through other basque academies (e.g. Sociedad, Osasuna etc). It's a good youth only style save with a little bit of interest from the transfer market.

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