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Sean Devlin

Crashing, error messages and can't save

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First of all, I love the game and think it's an excellent simulation. I have three problems. 7


First, there are two recurring error messages that I have to hold the enter key to get rid of but slow the game down considerably. 

Secondly, the game crashes at intermittent periods of time for no reason. 

Thirdly, the game crashes when I attempt to load a saved game. This means I have o continually leave the game running but it will eventually crash. I played two season with the NYR and got to the Eastern Conference Final and semi final. I was really looking forward to continuing when the game crashed.

I love a solution, as I really like this game, 



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Reoccurring error messages and crashes can connect to the database being used and/or the leagues selected and/or any edits made - what database are you using? What leagues do you have running/what leagues did you select at startup? Have you made any additional edits?


Once a saved game is corrupted it won't load properly again.

Are you saying you can never save/load a game with EHM, no matter what database you use?

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