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FM 19 - Cagliari team guide

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I started with a challenge -  Build Cagliari to be a force in Sere A.
As you all know its not much money in Serie A so bring them back its some hard.

Cagliari for me means two players: Luis Oliveira and David Suazo. Both two strikers who had great times in this club.
For me, who have followed Serie A since end of 90`s - Cagliari have always been a team, on the lower part of the table.

They have won Serie A once:

Real life last season:
Cagliari fought hard against relegation last year and just avoided it.
They scored a lot of goals on crosses.  They had a good central midfield with a great striker that scored 17 goals for them.



The team - tactic - players
When I take a look at the team, I see very good central midfield players. A hard working midfield with few players that have techinquly players with great flair. They lack Wide players with pace. So I tought diamond formation ore 3 back line at first.
But as I have hard time making a good diamond style I went with:
Diamond formation when we have the ball and a 4-1-4-1 formation when we dont have the ball.

In real life Cagliari played this last year:


I went for this:

This way I will get the crosses I want from Srna from right, from left I get crosses from LB. As well as we keep a diamond shape in attack

We have scored great amount of goals, but no goals form outside the box.

The star players:




Problem is that you have one main good striker who is as well 30+ years old. Srna I had to make a new place for him as he lack pace and dribbling. But his crosses and set-pieces is worth gold!

Promising players:

You have two strikers that you can work with. One is in the club the other is on loan to Perugia.
Vrede I have already used and will try to use as much as possible to build him up.


Results so far:

Long term Goals
I have asked the board to upgrade the training faculties (its good but we have to have the best if we want to compete at top level). So to build the training facility and youth department as well as the finance is vital!

In terms as result we need to get to Europe to get the needed money.




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Looking forward to seeing how your season will finish. I'm using your approach(with a few tweaks) with Athletic Bilbao and so far so good.

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I normally do a Cags save but haven't got round to doing one yet (having too much fun with Salford and Millwall). Good luck with your save I'll be keeping an eye on how things go for you.

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Usually I don't check too much here as I'm pretty more interested in other areas of the forum but how could not follow you? Cagliari is my town, my blood my everything!

The idea to ask to the board to improve the facilities is quite realistic. This new board with Giulini as owner start in last 4-5 years to pay much more attention to develope young sardinian players (and not only of course... see Han or Verde i.e.) and improve the numbers of CTP in first squad expecially. 

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