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I write this message because since this morning, my game shows these two windows before launching. Afterwards, the game can load a save and crashes once a match is player. The game worked perfectly fine until a few hours ago.
NOTICE: I have NOT tried to uninstall and reinstall for now as I have a very bad connection and it would take 24 to 32 hours to download the game again.
So, before going berserk, I would like to know if there are anymore steps that could be taken prior to the definitive solution.

I have done the regular steps already: checked the game files, made sure the game was excluded from my firewall, the custom database I use does not create any problems, deleted the custom pictures and all, etc, etc.


log error.png

log error 2.png

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il y a une heure, Neil Brock a dit :

Thanks for this solution, but the problem remains the same.
I fear I will have to reinstall the game.

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