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So, I decided to create a North Korean database with 3 working leagues, a national cup, and a supercup. While creating the database, I had to set the season update day like any normal custom database. The DPRK Premier League begins in December 1, and ends October 28. I put a break for all 3 leagues on the week of 4.25 (April 25, basically a North Korean sacred day).


Buuuuuuuuuuuuut, the early preseason begins on October 15 and the start of the season is November 26. But like I said before, the season update is November 5.


I feel like there is something wrong with this formatting, so I need somebody, or just anyone who is reading this to check all aspects of North Korea database.

If you want to edit this database, you can mess around with it, but remember to actually test it and fix the database. If you actually fix the database, please keep these 4 things:

  • Keep the season update day on November 5
  • Keep the break week for all 3 leagues on the week of 4.25
  • Keep the start of the season December 1 and the end of the season October 28
  • Leave the cups as they are

Those are small things, but keep them the same. I'm only looking at how to fix the season update, and preseason thing. I have never actually made a database before, so you could expect some rookie vibes.


North Korea.fmf

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