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How to prepare perfect and stable chairman for a long cooperation?

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My goal:
To have the chairman (or board) for a small club – for a long and stable cooperation.
I would like to advance with the club from bottom level to the highest league in the such country as France, and then gradually build a team able to compete in european cups.
Just to be clear: I don't want to make „sugar daddy”.
Just  patient person, who will not want to disturb the manager and will not want to sell the club.
I would like to not to exceed the budget.

There are a few settings in the editor, that are self-explanatory:
Patience and resources (as high as possible – value 20) and interference (as low as possible – value 1)
But have a problem with business ability: what does it mean? - the chairman with high business value will be good for club's finances or, maybe, it will use the club as a source of income and will sell the club with increasing reputation. I don't know.

The same about some presonal settings for example:
- ambition ( i don't know what is better for my „perfect” chairman: high value – maybe my small club will be still too small for this ambitious person, or low value – but maybe if my club's reputation will increase it will be too big club for the less ambitious chairman).
- pression (i don't know what it is: high pression value is the ability the person to withstand the pressure, or maybe high value of this setting means, that this person will make high pression on other people.
I don't know if other personal settings will affect my chairman personality (for example temperament, controversy, professionality).

I think that I should set my club as favorite club of my chairman (value 100), set the highest possible value of board and fan confidence (200) and set my chairman as the favorite person (or maybe legend of my club).
And (to secure multi year cooperation) make the chairman as young as possible.

So I have a few questions:
1. What are the settings important for create the chairman described above?
2. Will be better to set other persons in club's board (directors) or leave the chairman alone?
3. If it is better to have other persons (directors) in the board: are there any important settings for them to be parts of stable multi-year board able to work under the leadership of my chairman?
4. Maybe is there any guide, which explains each setting used in the editor to model the personality.

Version of FM: 2019 (but as I remember the same settings are in previous versions)

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