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New player faces not loading - but existing ones can be refreshed?!

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FM 2019 -

I have a faces folder in my graphics folder and if I download a cutout pic from sortitoutsi - say Zlatan - I can update the pic of him in that folder with a later version.

But if I add a pic to that folder of a new player that's not been in that folder, say - Mason Greenwood at Man Utd - with the file name as his ID number, the pic doesn't load into the game (pic is a png).

So I can update Zlatan in the same folder by overwriting his pic with a later one from sortitout but can't add a new one of a different player using the correct ID - it's driving me mad?!!!

I've cleared the cache, ticked use caching, ticked reload skin - hence why I can see my updated pic of Zlatan, but Mason Greenwood just isn't appearing.





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from the sounds of it, you aren't updating the config.xml file in the cutout folder.


Basically the game is reading the Greenwood picture, but it doesn't know where it's supposed to be assigned. Config.xml tells the game where it should be assigned.


Open config.xml in notepad, and paste this underneath where it says <list id="maps">


<record from="FILE_NAME"to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/>


FILE_NAME is the name of the png, likely whatever Greenwoods UID is, but it can be anything. Personally I like using the actual players names. UNIQUE_ID is the ID that's shown in game.

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