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Hussein's Destiny - Exciting FM19 story

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A few hours ago, I was bored of my Thundridge United save in the English lower tiers. So I had a fun idea. I decided to start my FM19 story. And i wanted it to be challenging and exciting. I immediately thought about Syria. After thinking about it, I got some ideas, and I was ready to start. So I am ready to introduce to you, an epic journey, starring Hussein Abboud. We start the career with the club Al-Shorta Allepo. I hope you will enjoy this epic journey and follow it. But first, who is Hussein Abboud:


Hussein Abboud

Early Life

Hussein Abboud was born in 6 May 1997 in Aleppo Syria. His father Muhammad Abboud was a part time footballer who played his entire career for Al-Shorta Aleppo. His part time job was in the farming industry. Muhammad Abboud also had 3 wives. Hussein's mother was the 2nd wife Fatima Mifsud Abboud. Hussein followed in his father's footsteps, and joined  Al-Shorta Allepo's youth system at the age of 7. It has been reported that through the 2004/2005 Syrian regional under 10 Aleppo annual championship, the striker  scored 22 goals in 7 games, as his team won the competition,  while playing above his age group. Of course, his talent impressed under 13 coach Abdulkader Al-Shaar. Hussein was promoted, and he impressed, scoring 26 goals in 30 games for the under 13 age group at the age of 8. He also played 6 times for the under 10 age group, scoring 14 goals. Hussein improved the  numbers until age 11, when foreign teams spotted his talent.


Almost signing for Brighton 

In England, competition was high for the then Syria U15 international, with League Two clubs Hereford United and Wycombe Wanderers interested. League One club Brighton and Hove Albion was also interested. A week later, Hussein was invited to a trial by Brighton and Hove Albion , with all expenses paid by the club and 1500 pounds to Al-Shorta Allepo as compensation if Hussein signs with Brighton. However, on the day of the flight, Muhammad Abboud had a heart attack and tragically passed away. As any of Hussein's relatives didn't have any experience, the trial was canceled, as was any foreign interest of securing Husein's services. 


The finances have a problem

Fatima now had no one to accompany her. She was sick and unemployed. She also had lost contact with Muhammad's other wives, who were considered more attractive and remarried with wealthy families.  She was trying to find a new husband, but no one wanted a woman who they thought was ugly and old. As such, she racked 20,000 dollars of debt. She was also forced to put his only child Hussein on the streets to sell chiclets, but it wasn't enough. Eventually, Fatima got a job at the local supermarket, which didn't do much. Moreover, Hussein started getting depressed. He was forced to go to school 8 hours a day and go to work for 7 hours. However, before he slept, he always practiced football for an hour. In the weekends he worked 13 hours a day, while going to Al-Shorta Allepo for practice. Although he was only 12, he was seen as the most talented Syrian young footballer.


Illegal Activity

In a few months, Fatima's finances were destroyed. She had 50,000 dollars in debt. So she had no other choice. She started getting involved in illegal activities and was a member of a household name  gang. She started profiting a lot and started gambling. She held important positions in the gang. She was rarely home and, in fact, enjoying her work. She turned very aggressive towards Hussein, forcing him out to live with his relatives.


Hussein rediscovering himself

   After being forced to walk to her aunt's house, Hussein finally arrived. 

'Hi Auntie' said Hussein nervously.

Lina Abboud opened the door. ' Hussein! What happened! Why are you here so late?'

'Well' Hussein said, ' I was kicked out by mama.' (mother)

'Oh, she is a disgusting woman now. I don't know what happened to her. You are welcomed to my house.' Linda said with mixed emotions.

Hussein was enjoying life, for now. He was well fed. And he became friends with Ahmed , Linda's only son, who was a year older than him. He was now also closer to the training facilities, and made many friends.



Writing this took me 3-4 hours. So I will be continuing it tomorrow.

1- Please don't talk about politics, as this is a football journey.

2- All FMS rules apply

Enjoy! And be involved in the discussion.




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Getting Kidnapped

As Linda didn't have the ability to do the groceries, he sent then 12 year old Hussein to do them. One day, when Hussein was entering the grocery, he saw that it was re branded. The employees looked at him with strange looks. Suddenly, one of them closed the door of the shop, and said:

- What are you doing here? Didn't you hear that we now own this grocery?

- Who are you?

- We are a gang in Aleppo. You are coming with us.

- Noooooo! 

- A car will arrive shortly, we will hold you for ransom until someone pays it.

Little Hussein started crying, but the gangsters didn't care.

When the small car arrived, it was already almost full. Hussein sat in the 2nd row which fits 3 people, however 7 people were sitting there. The gangsters had an awful smell and they all had guns and illegal items. 

The gangsters told Hussein not to listen to the conversation. However, Hussein still did. 

- So, who is this!family.

- Ok. Hussein gives his aunt's name.


Sorry I am busy and this is it for today.

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