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Suggestion: Scout all button on world> transfers>youth intake

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It’s youth intake day in England. I load up the youth intake page (world>transfers>youth intake) and then have to click and count 50 players at a time and scout them. On the PC it isn’t as bad because using the shift key, you can select multiple rows quickly. On the iPad I cannot do this.

Can a button not be added on the youth intake screen to scout all the players in the list? 

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I would just like to second this - playing FMT on the Switch, and it's frustrating having to click on players individually if you want to select several at a time. I also find it easy to misclick on the Switch (probably my fat thumbs), which means that you end up selecting one player only, and then have to click them all again.

I've found this not just with scouting players (as I understand the limit on 50 at a time), but also if I wanted to promote several players to the senior team, offer 10 youth players out for loan at a time, etc.

The obvious solution to me would be if one of the unused buttons could act as a Shift key does on the PC, as BuryBlade mentioned. This is a small change, but would make a big difference to me in the Switch experience being more viable.

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