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Hello everyone, this is my firts post here, and its about something that is buggin me for some years, our contrats. I think manager contrats should be revamped in FM2020, like the players contrats or the tactics and training were revamped. I believe this area is beeing secundarized by SI, and for me its something that should have a new insight, thus this are my ideas:

. Manager agents: if players have agents, managers also have agents that negotiate the terms with a interessed club, so why no have it?

. Release clauses: once again, if players have release clauses, why cant managers have release clauses if a big club wants you? and there's a mount of examples in the past years.

.Big clubs interest: this is something that i think FM is poor, if you achieve great things with a low, or medium club, its very difficult that a great or big club come after you. But you see the examples of great managers that achieved greatness with low or medium clubs and them big clubs coming after them.

.Diretor of Football or very present President: if your club has a diretor of football or a very present president (like Florentino Perez), or if you hire one, they should have a bigger role in the club like in the real world. I'am thinking like you give them a list of players you want to buy, like a right winger, and you give them a list of 3 players you like and will suit for the team, and you have the feedback from the diretor of football or the president if its possible to achieve that player, or if you have to take the second you want.


This are only ideas i have been thinking.


Cheers for all you FM lovers


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