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Thoughts On How Best To Use Asymetric Formations And Suitability For Creating Overloads

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Hello Everyone.


Ive got a league started at the moment as Sporting Lisbon. I havent had much chance to work on it yet with working long hours. However, ive had a great preseason and ive started the league season with two really good 3-0 wins, one of which was against Benfica who are quite a bit better than we are.


There seems to have been quite a bit of talk on the forum recently about overloads. When i familiarised myself with Sporting Lisbon's squad, two players stood out as the source of the goals: Bas Dost obviously, he has a goalscoring ratio of almost a goal a game, and a youngster named Raphina who scored 15 goals for Vitoria Guimaraes last season.


So i figured a good attacking starting point would be developing a tactic that releases Dost and Raphina into goalscoring positions, and as Raphina is a right sided attacking player, maybe i would try overloading the left side.


I havent really ever focused on creating overloads, but wanted to ask your thoughts on the tactic ive started with, and whether the combination of roles makes sense.


I have to say though there are a few things:


  • my squad is a little out of date as im sure Sporting Lisbon are soon to lose Bruno Fernandes and Nani is playing in the MLS
  • Bas Dost picked up a 4 month injury immediately into the game, so i am without one of my absolute key players.


My tactic so far looks like this:



My thoughts are that:

Team Instructions


  • Domestically, im slightly better than most teams in the league, but im not up to the level of the absolute top teams. But i feel that i can play with a positive mentality and control the game when i am the slightly more favoured team to win. So i chose a positive mentality and to play from the back to retain control of the game.


  • Weve got a technically good squad, so ive opted for short sharp passing and taking advantage of off the ball movement.


  • Counter press and counter have always been a transitional combination that has worked for me in lots of saves if using positive mentalities. So defensively, ive decided to play a higher line and higher press. I admire the way Guardiola and Klopp want to play possession football but win the ball back imediately after it is lost when an opponent is regrouping, and i felt i could emulate the same thing.


Player Roles And Instructions


  • ACUNA - He has a PPM of hit early crosses. I thought this would be ideal for him to seek out Raphina on the other side. So i have given him the instructions of cross to far post, take more risks, and get further forward.


  • JEFFERSON - He works in tandem with Acuna, i have told him to cross to the far post too, to try and seek out Raphina.


  • NANI - He is working in tandem with the poacher. Ideally Dost but he is injured. My thoughts are that the Poacher will stretch the back line backwards, to give Nani room to operate. Ive told Nani to HOLD POSITION and TAKE MORE RISKS. My thoughts with this are, if he holds position, either a defender will come to close him down which leaves a gap in the opposition back line, OR they will choose to leave Nani alone, and he will have time to play in either the poacher with a through ball, or look to Raphina with a pass.


  • RAPHINA - Ive given him the instruction to STAY WIDER, to encourage him to make an out to in run and not end up swamped by the opposition defence or not in a position to receive a pass. he has good off the ball attributes to time the runs, and he should (i think) help to create room for Bruno Fernandes to create from central midfield.


  • FERNANDES - I chose roaming playmaker as his role, as i want him to connect play between the defensive and attacking midfield areas, and also spray the ball out wide to the wingbacks.

Did I Use The Overload Correctly?

I am trying to create the supporting mentality on the left side of the pitch. So i have the left wing back supporting the left winger both with the playing style that they will stay wide, but then I have Nani in the AM strata but oriented slightly to the left side of the pitch, so these three combine with each other, before switching the play to the right hand side.

Im hoping this will not only create room on the right side, but also for Fernandes to create.


Its very early days, but the early signs are encouraging, particularly the emphatic win vs Benfica.


Could you suggest if you feel the tactic and roles are suitable, and whether there are any areas to improve or glaring weaknesses to change?


Thank you in advance


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