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I'm not quite sure when this started happening, and I originally thought it was something related to my Nvidia driver, but the game has started crashing on me when showing scoring highlights.

However, it doesn't always crash at the same scoring highlight.  Sometimes it will crash on the first highlight, sometimes the 3rd highlight, this most recent game it crashed on the 4th highlight.

It does not crash on a regular basis, it does not happen every game or after every score, the crashes are random when they occur.

I've attached a zip file of the last few instances that occurred in June.  After the multiple crashes on 6/6 I went back and deleted my Cache, Preferences and verified my game files, but the crashes happened again on the 9th and today.

Appreciate the help,



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Hi it looks like it is a graphics related issue, can you try uninstalling and reinstalling your graphics driver, please? 

It is also worth try and lower the in-game graphics quality, you can do this via FM > Preferences > Graphics Quality



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