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Hello Everyone,

I Have a challenge I have been debating to do for a while so I am going to do it as well as seeing if it interests anyone else.

As a Manchester city fan I have been wanting to manage clubs associated for a while (Clubs owned by the City Football Group).

But I have never had the motivation to play continuously with those clubs, Therefore I am embarking on a challenge to manage all of the CFG clubs to continental glory. A with a good mix of teams also. It will be considered as a shorter save than come other mega challenges but as a fan of City it'll be nice to manage.

Some rules to make the challenge more difficult would be making Manchester City the priority club even as a manager of the other teams, for example only signing loan players from them. Selling your best players to them etc.

You can only be the manager of these clubs, ending with winning every trophy with Manchester City

The Clubs Eligible would be:

Manchester City (England)

Melbourne City (Australia)

New York City (USA)

Yokohama F. Marinos (Japan)

 Club Atlético Torque (Uruguay)

Girona (Spain)

Al-Jazira (UAE)

Sichuan Jiuniu (China) if you can get a datebase to this level :)


I have started personally in the UAE as that's where it all began and the first club the Sheik purchased back in 2003.


This challenge can be adapted however as a challenge of other footballing owners with multiple clubs such as the Family that own Grenada, Udinese and Watford for a solely European Challenge.

Or the Classic Red Bull challenge , with New York, Salzburg , Red Bull Brasil and Leipzig.

if you hate Manchester City for example you could also do the ANTI-CFA challenging managing the biggest rivals of all the CFA clubs, hindering their impact on the world. These clubs would be: Manchester United, Melbourne Victory, Al-Shabab, New York Red Bulls, Espanyol, Yokohama FC and id have to do research about the other two.

Let me know what you think as this is my first ever post anywhere haha

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