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[Suggestion] External Newgen Editor

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A good new feature for Football Manager 2020 would be an external newgen editor.

This editor will work like the official Football Manager Editor, however player faces will be generated and players will appear in the youth intake.

The idea is like this:

#1: You first load the game database in the editor.

#2: You add a new newgen to the database.

#3: You add the player information/details, such as: player name, appearance (ethnicity, hair color, hair length), nation (nationality, second nationality, city of birth), birth date (day and month only), year the player will appear in the game and club the player will appear at.

#4: You add the player attributes, such as: personality (ambition, loyalty and other attributes (all generated similar to nations [10-11: average])), preferred foot, height, weight, player role (such as inside forward, meaning that his main position is AML or AMR depending on his foot and abilities will be distributed according to role), potential ability range (such as -95 [160-190]).


As you can see, the player appearance will be generated according to his ethnicity and hair color + length, the player will appear at the selected club's youth intake on the selected year, player personality will be created using two templates (player and nation template), position and abilities will be filled according to player role and only potential ability can be selected. Current ability and abilities will be generated according to club reputation and training facilities.

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How do you create this detailed regen? There is little information on how to create it on the internet,

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