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Inconsistency issues and getting the best out of stars

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I'm looking for some tactical advice, I've been playing FM for a few years but wouldn't say I'm an expert.

We're into March 2024 and I've managed to get my Rochdale team into the PL. We've had two seasons of it finishing around 10th each time but we've never a game against the top 6.

I tried to switch things up this year and I've spent a bit of money improving the team. My aim was to play high pressure football win the ball back quickly and then give my front three some freedom to take their time making chances.

I created my own 4123 around Christmas and we were initially successful winning a lot and going unbeaten for a long run. Then things seemed to fall apart and we've been on a long losing/drawing streak of about 8 games. As well as the tactics shown here most of my players have the tackle harder and mark tighter PIs.


I'm sure there's something obvious that I'm doing wrong, my team is slightly warped by three players I'm trying to get the most out of.

Can anyone help with this tactical conundrum? Are we just out of depth trying to challenge in the PL? And how would you play to get the most out of the three best players I've got (I've been training Moreaux to be more of a striker)?

I've not really posted here before so tell me if I'm doing something dumb.


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You have a weird combination of instructions.

On one hand your trying to attack through width and through balls. On the other your wanting shorter passes and the advanced wide players to play safer and look for overlaps of the FBs.

If they're being safer, who's all those through balls for?  If your spreading wider whos available for a shorter pass?

Your pressing strategy might be a bit risky.  You have a DM typically to shield the CBs, but then are pushing very high so the biggest risk is in behind them if you dont pressure the ball. Do the front 5 have the aggression, work rate, stamina etc to do that all game with he urgency you've asked?

How to get the best of those players? Well firstly your fb is clearly better defensively than going forward so let him do that and maybe give the player in front of him more freedom instead of asking him to overlap.

Moreaux is great physically and crossing but not good at much else, especially in/around box.  Maybe just have him as the AML as a winger and try to improve his dribbling. Could be interesting to try him as a wide target man to pick on FBS or put crosses in himself without running with the ball like a winger. 

Benny is a creator, he will tire making runs with his stamina. I'd be tempted to make him the DLP-S, letting him dictate things and give him more targets, maybe including the ST.

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As @summatsupeer said Moreaux as wide target man would be interesting but I ve never tried any formation like that

 What I d definitely to is to stop playing him as a striker, his finishung is terrible and this way you waste his best skill, crossing. I d stick him on the left wing as winger on attack or support and add an appropriate striker. I d combine them in this way that if Moreaux is on attack many of his crosses would be from the byline so someone like pressing forward support. If you have Moreaux on support I d have to have someone who sits in line with the defensive line so either poacher or advanced fowrward. Additionally Moreaux is fast but his dribbling is terrible so it speaks knocks ball past opponent ppm to me. Teach him that. Last but not least Akpala behind him is rather better at defending than attacking so I d just stick him on fbs and use him to recycle possessions and I d definitely get rid of overlap left. With that combination of players I see no benefit of Moreaux being less aggressive and waiting fo Akpala to overlap.

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1) much higher DL + extremely urgent press + get stuck in (+ counter-press) = a very risky defensive overkill

2) lower tempo + shorter passing (+ balanced mentality) = a clear attacking overkill

3) Moreaux with bravery of only 8, finishing of only 9 and off the ball and composure of barely decent 11 can hardly make for a good TM

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