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Individual Training

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I feel sorry for starting an old, annoying discussion about individual training.

It's because Moderator told me to do so from a feedback post and that's about individual training (additional focus).

Seb's brief guide stated clearly that individual training is talking about working one-on-one basis training.

Almost half of what we have now are fitness training, that's make a lot of sense.

Free Kicks/Penalty needs teammates/coaches to be Goalkeeper. 
Defensive Position, marking, tackling timing (decision) can be instructed, but tackling can't? Some players don't know how to do a good sliding tackle, maybe it can be include in this section? Heading too. (Tackling/Heading may not be the main focus point, but it do matters in a regular training about defend.)
Dribbling training with cones doesn't help training decision timing, but it do help basic ball control, tricks or something like that. And it is not that rare for youth training, because youth training are mainly about basic skills.
Passing include crossing? Maybe? Since, there are no short pass/ long pass attributes. And they are kind of related.

Sometimes player got single out by coaches to do personal designated training, individual or group. Just for improving his weakness.

Or, will a unit system that can be customize available in latter version of FM? I mean not for regular training, just for designated training schedules for some specific players. With this system ingame, that's solve the problem for everyone of us that asked about for dribbling/tackling/crossing additional focus and keep the game still "kind of" realistic.

I know that's maybe annoying since many of us asked about dribbling/tackling/crossing additional focus.

Thanks for your attentions.

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Hey @Airy

It sounds like you have read the guides posted here and the comments that go with them, so you will know this has been discussed a few times.

When designing this feature the policy we looked to employ was, as you say, can this be done alone or one-on-one? We took both game balance and the advice of real-life coaches into account when deciding what this meant could and couldn't be trained. The outcome we arrived at is something we feel reflects reality well whilst also allowing you the control you would want over a player's training and development.

The crossing example is one that has been mentioned a few times, and to briefly paraphrase my earlier reasoning for this being excluded:

  1. Crossing is different from delivering a stationary ball from wide. It requires multiple teammates and a "live" scenario to train properly.
  2. The crossing attribute can be targeted directly and quite successfully in a number of sessions, most notably 'Attacking > Wings'.

Similar reasoning applies to the other attributes you mention.

  • Tackling is a borderline one. Can you perform tackling drills alone or one-on-one? Arguably yes. But does this reflect something that is actually transferable to an in-match scenario or something that improves your Tackling attribute? I would say no. Much of the advice we received from the footballing world was that tackling is an innate ability, based around Bravery as much as anything (which you cannot train). Rather it is the timing and judgement (Positioning and Decisions) of a tackle that can be improved.
  • This is similar to Heading, where the advice we received highlighted how heading itself is more of a "can or can't" scenario, but the decision making and timing behind it is what could be affected by training.
  • Dribbling is indeed a literal skill that can improve, but is taking a ball around some cones actually the same, or even beneficial, to taking a ball up the line and around a full-back in a match scenario? The answer we arrived at was "no". Dribbling can be trained in a situation designed to reflect match situations, such as the session 'Technical > Ball Distribution', but not one-on-one or with equipment alone. When you see players dribbling around cones in reality I would argue that this is not how Messi, Hazard and Neymar became amazing dribblers, rather it is simply a drill to keep players sharp and give them a feel for the ball before or during training/match warm-up. More complicated drills, with arrangements of cones and players/dummies are about the mental side of dribbling - timing, decision making, etc.

In parallel with the "is this realistic?" consideration was game balance. One of the ways that this manifests is that you will notice not one Individual Training session concentrates on a single attribute alone. They are all grouped. This is a deliberate decision, as in reality you cannot isolate your Finishing from your Technique for example. Train one, you train the other. So any time we want to add a new attribute to be trained individually, once it has passed the "is this realistic?" test, we need also to ensure it pairs up with another attribute or two. This also ensures that no single training method is "overpowered" and that development remains sane, balanced and closed to exploits.

However, with all that being said, we are always open to suggestions on how to improve all and any aspects of the game (in fact, that is my job), especially something so detailed and subjective as Training. If you believe an attribute or session should be added or improved, please do make your case (real world examples are extremely helpful) and we will absolutely take it into consideration.

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