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Quickest/Easiest way to help my team get out of debt?

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Hey guys, I'm going to keep this short and simple so it's easy on the eyes and you wouldn't have to read an entire wall of text.


Basically after going through a couple of saves testing out what team I liked and what I didn't, I decided to finally try and play my favourite team in real life, Fenerbahce.

I am a Turkish person who can barely speak the language properly, can understand some of it so whenever I watch guides of Fenerbahce, it's never in English and always in Turkish and it frustrates me because Turkish is a foreign language for me, despite being bilingual, I can hardly understand what majority of the words mean in English whenever I see the language in the game.


For those that know football in Europe and are aware of many different clubs rather than the big boys, you may have heard that Fenerbahce, well, the big clubs in Turkey are riddled with massive debt, as a club we can't afford to buy anyone but rather get loaned players or free signings. I want to try and bring my club's stature up and make it a scary team to come up against, it doesn't have to be invincible (as much as I want them to be like that IRL) but I do want to build it into a club where even in Champions League, we are always considered favorites to win each year.


The most I can do with my club is nothing but get players on loan and free signings, however I want to change this without editing, but what could I do to help my club get rid of it's massive debt within a reasonable amount of time (5-10) years? In real life they have a debt in the billions.

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For a large debt, it will take good runs in the Champions League and selling your best players, for as much as possible.  Obviously, the two don't necessarily go hand-in-hand.

It might be concentrating on developing your youth players might be the way forward in the long term.  Sell anyone early in the save who is on top wages and most certainly anyone who is not performing well enough to justify the high wage.  I would guess domestically, you should be able to play some young players in games against lesser teams and not suffer results wise, so the youth development should be at a decent rate.  I would say try to balance winning the league and therefore getting into the Champions League and playing young players.  Maybe rotate and if you have a big CL game, get the big guns out for that to try to advance.

Other than that, just common sense.  Watch your wage bill (including staff); if you sell a young player always put in a sell-on clause - sometimes dropping the asking price a touch and upping the sell-on clause to 50% will pay off in the longer run; if a player is on a long term deal and you can't sell him, try re-negotiating his contact for a shorter term; make sure there's no increase each year in wages when negotiating contracts - and reduce other bonuses as much as you can; maybe try to loan players in from top clubs - perhaps you could get someone decent with the club not asking for a contribution to their wages (not sure how many loan players the Turkish league allows); keep on the lookout for promising young players (check out the Turkish U21 team, for example) - bring them in cheap and sell them for a profit; look to schedule friendlies against bigger reputation teams - they'll charge a fee, but I would imagine with your capacity you can make a profit.

Looks like it could be an interesting save, keep us updated!

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Sounds like a really interesting save, I was reading about the financial problems that the big Turkish clubs have. I guess that Fenerbahce is the worst, and they also seem to be struggling on the pitch IRL too. 

I reckon the biggest problem for these clubs is the old players on fat wage packets, I would get rid of most of them. I think you can actually half your weekly wage bill if you go about it in the right manner. Sell the high earners maybe except for the couple of players who are really important for the squad. For some of them you may have to continue paying a fraction of their wages but should still be worthwhile.

You can also cancel the loan deals you have on high wages, just have to wait 28 days once the game begins and then you can do it.  Again that should save you a chunk. 

As the poster above said, focus on bringing in promising young players  instead of overpaid older ones. Maybe look towards Eastern Europe as you can often get some bargains there, the likes of Joveljic, Dennis Man, Ianis Hagi, Markovic, etc. Unfortunately Marin has been priced out on the winter update. 

And of course focus on making it to the knock-out stages of the UCL somehow, that's always a good pay-day. Over time, the model has to move from what the Turkish clubs have been doing to what the big Portuguese clubs do, promising young players on low wages. Every season or two you can then sell one of your young stars for a tidy sum.

Build a good scouting network and send them off to South America, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, etc. to unearth those gems. Good luck! Keep us posted. I am tempted to give this a go myself! Just saw that they finished all the way down 6th IRL.


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