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Rebuilding Arsenal

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So as an Arsenal fan, I’m a bit worried about the future given our situation. It’s clearly going to need a bit of creativity. So I thought I’d do this in FM.

I want to start an FM19 game to play until FM20 with the aim of making Arsenal competitive again. But clearly this will be severely restricted by budget and non CL qualification. 

So my thinking is that I’ll restrict myself to ONLY buying brand new newgens. As in, I’ll set my screen flow to fall onto the transfers page every day so that I see the newgens immediately, scour them and pick up any I like the look of. I will give myself 3 months from the date I first found each player to sign them. After that, none are able to be signed (with the exception below). 

Clearly, alongside sales and wage savings that means the financial situation will improve year on year so my thinking is that I will allow myself either one “normal” transfer a season or one per window. These marquee signings will clearly need to be hugely researched etc, because I’ll be overpaying usually and will want to ensure I get the right one in the right position etc., whereas the newgens I get in will necessarily be quite knee-jerk as they'll be new and I have only a 3 month window to decide. That will be hit and miss, but my hope is that I'll be able to sell every single player that doesn't quite make it on for a profit.

I would plan to post end of season updates plus every transfer in and out as well as my youth intakes which clearly will be vital.

My question before I start - probably this evening - is how realistic you think this is? Should it be one marquee signing per season or one per window? Should I allow myself one in the initial window? Are there any other ideas that could make this more interesting?

Once I get started I will be asking readers for advice as I play, particularly on the tactical side which I’ve found very hard in recent years!

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Hi Greyed Out Man, and welcome to FMS, our little corner of these boards.

It certainly sounds like an interesting project to return Arsenal to their former glory. I know there are a few Arsenal fans in this section who would certainly be following along to see how you do.

If you haven't already done so, it is probably worth having a read of the House Rules  before you get too deep into your challenge. This isn't really a place where we give tactical advice (there is a dedicated section for that). As you may have already realised, you're not going to get a huge response to asking which direction you should go on. This section is all about entertaining us with your writing skills, and making your save come alive. It doesn't really matter to us how successful your team is.

If seasonal updates are your thing, you may find the Career Updates section closer to what you are looking to do. But if you want to put a bit more meat on the bones, we will be very interested to see how you get on.

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