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Can you affect which subdivision the game assign teams to?

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I appreciate this probably belongs in Rules Editing, but I wouldn't know whether it belongs in Basic or Advanced.

I've created a fantasy database for FM19, and I'm really happy with it for the most part. The structure is:

First Division (16)
Second Division (16)
Third Division A/B (2*16)
Fourth Division A-D (4*16)
Fifth Division A-H (8*16)
Sixth Division A-P (16*16)

Letters distinguish between the different sub-divisions at the same level.

The only problem comes with promotion and relegation. Take the Fifth Division, for example. The Fourth Division relegates 16 teams in total, and these all tend to end up in the Fifth Division A, with teams from that sub-division pushed into Division B, and so on. The newly promoted 32 teams from the Sixth Division all end up in the Fifth Division G and H. This happens at all levels. This is awful for a team relegated from the Fourth Division, since all their games will be against other relegated teams, so it is pretty unfair. I'd like to try and fix that.

I believe when deciding which sub-division to put teams in, it just puts the 16 with lowest ID into Division A, the next 16 into Division B, and so on. Is there any way to make the divisions either:

  • Constant, so teams remain in their sub-division. Teams are promoted and relegated into set sub-divisions (so for example, D promotes into B, and relegates into G and H). I think this is possible, but seems to work best when each sub-division relegates into one other sub-division. However because the number of sub-divisions doubles at each level, that isn't possible.
  • Completely random, so at the start of each season each level completely rearranges its teams.

Ideally I'd want to do this using the Basic competition rules, but if I have to go advanced, that's probably fine.

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Using advanced you can use some settings under Stages-Stage-Group Stages. 

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