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Problem with licensed match kits

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I have created a club in the editor by taking a club that already exists (Wigan) and replacing all stats. (I have not created a new club and removed Wigan, I have just changed everything to make it a "different club".) I already have all English league teams' kits downloaded and working, and so now I have made kits for my created club, which I have replaced Wigan's kit in my downloaded data-pack with. I have also made the new team wear kits looking like the ones I have already made, in the pre-game editor. The problem is that when I play the game with licensed match-kits on, Wigan's kit is what the players wear during matches, despite the kits in the "Club" section being my home-made ones. When I turn off licensed match-kits with the in-game editor, the players wear the correct outfit on the pitch, but of course, I do not have licensed kits anymore, so I only see the kits made in the pre-game editor under the "Club" section in-game.

Is there anyone who is having the same issue, or am I just being stupid about something?

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