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In this update the German football pyramid is restructured and looks similar to the English football league system.
There are 5 national levels and 3 regional levels.
It consists of the following leagues:

On national level

Die Bundesliga (now 20 teams)
1. DFL-Liga
2. DFL-Liga
Nationalliga (all 24 teams)

On regional level

2. Nationalliga (2 divisions)
Regionalliga (4 divisions)
Oberliga (8 divisions)


Next to the cup and the supercup I added DFL-Ligapokal as a lucrative winter cup and the Nationalpokal for teams from 5th level.
TV-money is more spread in the top divisions so that it's easier to compete standard champion Bayern Munich. TV- and prize money wont be on Premier League level, but better than it was, so some more competition is possible.
B teams that compete in the league are managable, any club without B team has a reserve squad competing in regional reserve leagues.



If you have any questions, let me know



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cool. i'll give this a go. how extensively have you tested it?

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Hey daanvanderplas Can You Make New Portuguese League System
Here Are The Leagues 
Primeira Liga  (18 Teams)  

3 Teams Going To Relegated In Segunda Liga

Segunda Liga (24 Teams)

2 Groups Of 12 Teams In First Phase And Having Zona Norte And Sul
Promotion Stage (12 Teams)

Relegation Stage (12 Teams)

2 Teams Get Promoted To Primeira Liga

4 Teams Challenge For Promotion Play-Off

4 Teams Get Relegated To CNS

CNS (80 Teams)

5 Groups Of 16 Teams In First Phase

16 Teams Qualify From Knockout Stage

16 Teams Get Relegated To CNS 2

CNS 2 (80 Teams)

5 Groups Of 16 Teams In First Phase

16 Teams Qualify From Second Stage

24 Teams Get Relegated To Portuguese District First Levels

8 Teams Get Promoted To CNS

8 Teams Challenge For CNS Promotion In Play-offs
Taça Da Liga  (64 Teams)

First Round - 8 Teams

Second Round - 16 Teams

Group Stage - 8 Teams

Second Group Stage - Nothing

Quarter-Finals - 8 Teams Qualfiy In Second Group Stage
Semi-Finals  - 4 Teams
Final - 2 Teams
Taça De Portugal (173 Teams)
First Round - Portuguese District And CNS 2
Second Round - CNS

Third Round - Segunda Liga

Fourth Round - Primeira Liga




Portuguese Super Cup (4 Teams)

Primeira Liga Winner

Taça De Portugal Winner

Primeira Liga Runner Up

Taça Da Liga Winner



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