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[FM19] It's The Hope That Kills You

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Euro U21's Championship


Qualifying has already been drawn for the next tournament. Its a kinder draw than we had before. I'm probably not going to be around for it though as I'll be probably resigning after this tournament.

I was hoping there was going to be a World U21 but it doesn't look like it.

A couple of friendlies in March...that I actually played...


A good win and performance against Portugal to kick start the double header.


I but this here for Morale and it worked. Nice little International Break.

2 more friendlies before the start of the U21 Euros.


Bakhchysaray challenging again! 3 games to go only 3 points off but with a better GD. Give me the job! I can take you over the line!


None of the 4 teams are even close here.


Blown chance yet again.

Fun Makers win in Sint Maarten.

We are into June and still no movement Domestically. I'm going to give it another season and if nothing then the next Country will be loaded. That country will be Timor-Leste.

So we have games against Serbia and Ireland before we kick off our tournament against Greece, then its Scotland and finally Germany in what will hopefully be a battle for top spot and a guaranteed place in the Semis. 


This may seem a random friendly to arrange but there is method in my madness.


Current best team in Europe!

We have Ireland next, no method in this madness I just wanted an easy win.


Preparation complete. Lets get to it!

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European U21 Championship

Greece, Scotland and Germany stand in our way.

Lets do it!


Great first half. Lets keep it up.


Disappointed with the goals conceded. Don't want it to come down to GD.

Scotland next. By the time we have played Germany have beaten both Greece and Scotland 2-0. 


Good first half but could have done with a bigger lead. 

Lets grab an early goal.


Great second half performance. It means we only need a point against Germany to get Top Spot.


It advantage us but its tight. Certainly not over.


Brilliant second half and a huge win! I believe we can go all the way!


It was close for that runner up spot and its Romania who take it! I'd love them in the next round.


Nope. We are the only 100% team left. We have to believe we can do it.

Belgium come from behind scoring in the 80th and 94th minute to book a place in the final. Who will they be playing?


We are looking good for the lead but this game is far from over.


And that's all it took. A nice performance and a place in the final against Belgium.

We are the only unbeaten teams left so its fitting one of us should lift the trophy.


We didn't deserve to go 1-0 down never mind 2-0! We struck on the 41st and 43rd minute to ensure we go into the break level. We have the momentum its time to make it count!


Once again against the run of play we find ourselves behind.


Back level in this epic final!

All 3 subs used its now up to them.


An own goal! For the first time in this final we lead. Big 10 minutes! Can we hold on!?


And surely that's the goal that wins it!


Icing on the cake. What a huge last 30 we have had.


We 100% deserved it.



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4 hours ago, Mandy42 said:

Daniel Thomas, I guess if you say it in a French accent he could be considered French, you need to teach him to use his head (like Zidane) not his elbow...

Amused there is a Hotspurs in Sint Maarten, not as amused as I was to find a Man Utd in Zimbabwe, but amused none the less.

And never forget... YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE TONGA

Most of the team sounded anything other than French. It's not like the French National Team to be made up of players born in different countries......

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how... just how does a team finishing 3rd in a group get the best runner up spot? I mean if the criteria for them is good enough to be picked for the semi finals, then its good enough to give them 2nd in the group?!?!

gratz on your International trophy.

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14 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

how... just how does a team finishing 3rd in a group get the best runner up spot? I mean if the criteria for them is good enough to be picked for the semi finals, then its good enough to give them 2nd in the group?!?!

gratz on your International trophy.

Yeah I was confused by that as well. They have the better GD. 


My only thought it that the groups maybe get sorted by head by head but then cos it’s against teams in other groups it goes to GD. But that is just an absolute wild guess. 

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2 minutes ago, andychar said:

Yeah I was confused by that as well. They have the better GD. 


My only thought it that the groups maybe get sorted by head by head but then cos it’s against teams in other groups it goes to GD. But that is just an absolute wild guess. 

that's makes a modicum of sense but Holland must be fuming!

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I'm surprised. I applied for the USA, Ivory Coast and Ghana job but didn't get any of them.

This is me...


This is the new USA manager...


This is the new Ivory Coast manager...


This is the new Ghana manager...


You get the picture.

The waiting game continues.

The Sint Maarten season starts without me...


I'm liking what just happened here.


Never mind. He's roughly same as me so I'm not going to complain.

Crimea's league has started. I think that's me now until next May. Timor-Leste is being prepped for loading.


Didn't apply for it. Don't actually know what to do.

I turned it down. They weren't anywhere near qualifying for World Cup. It wouldn't be a step forward. Don't want to take an International job for the sake of it.

January rolls around with not even a hint of an interview. 

None of the teams I can join have threatened to win the league this season which is good news for me.

Both seasons have finished. I'm getting tired of waiting now.


And just like that the day after the season finishes we could be heading to Sint Maarten. It would mean Timor-Leste will have to wait.


There's not much difference between the three of them.


I'll attend all 3 interviews obviously but I think its Young Strikers.

Super Stars are the first team to come at me. If neither of the others come to be before the delay then the decision will be Super Stars.

Veendam are next. Young Strikers are going to make me sweat!


They took to long. We are heading to the Super Stars (SXM). They finished rock bottom last season so they are officially the worst team.

Been there before, lets get to it!


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Super Stars (SXM)

Off Season 2034

I'm going to miss the World Cup this year. A bit disappointed but at least we have something to keep our mind off the pain!


No honours...

That's because there are no cups. Its just 36 league games. Get it over and done with really.

I've made the decision to still load Timor-Leste, its just to give me a better chance of avoiding missing a full season again. So as soon as that league loads we will look at the situation. Its got two tiers so you never know, we might have to start at the bottom.


The starting XI the day I take over. There are a few gems but a lot of work needs to be done. I can't imagine we are going to convince many to come.


I'll take 65-1 to be honest.

There are 14 teams I can take over in Timor-Leste. 5 in the top division and 9 in the second tier.

But my focus is purely on Sint Maarten at the moment.


This will be nice. A preseason tour of Anguilla including a game against my old side Diamond.


Nice set of friendlies arranged.

Not going to play them but its nice to have them organised.

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12 hours ago, Northernpilgrim said:

Good luck with the Super Stars 😀

Cheers NP!


Super Starts (SXM)

Pre Season 2034

The World Cup rocked around and there was a somewhat surprising winner...


Ok a very surprising winner.

Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Spain, France, Italy, England and Algeria were all jobs I applied for. 

Didn't get a single one. Not even the Algerian one which was a bit of a disappointment really.

I think I might be giving International Football a "volunteer break".

Back to Domestic Issues. 

I wasn't able to strength the team much at all really. A few signings here and there. Thing is...I've won leagues with worse teams so fingers crossed it shouldn't matter much. I'm done playing the whole "I think we will struggle" I'm expecting to win and win well!

Shout out to my final friendly of preseason which sounds like my wet dream of a team...



Well if Friendlies are anything to go by we should have a good season.


I like those odds.

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your screwed now, before you were humble and expected to struggle, therefore you didn't

Now you have informed FM that you are going to win everything...

FMs response.... "Challenge accepted"

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August 2034


Our first game is against a team who is favourite to win the league. Good to see where we stand so early on.


No question the sending off changed the game but I thought we did enough to hang on. In the end we were lucky to take a point because they missed a penalty in the 94th minute! A very even game and a point the fair result.

What if really, had we not gone down to 10 men could we have gone on and won? Who knows!

Taking a look at the state of play...


We currently have Crimea, Sain Maarten and Timor-Leste loaded. As you can see there are quite a few teams avalaible to me in Timor-Leste. 4 in the top division and the rest in the bottom division. I have applied for each and every one of them, assuming its going to take years to hear back from them. I'm going to assume Bakhchysaray are reluctant to give me an interview because last time they did they offered me the job and I turned them down for Muslim FC! US Virgin Islands waiting in the wings but with a FIFA World Ranking update due this month it could all change!

Next up is my first away game of the season. Flames Utd are 2 for 2 to start the season so once again it should be a test.


An absolute carbon copy of the first game. Go behind, come back and then give up a late equaliser. Absolutely gutted with this one as we deserved it. 

One more chance to pick up our first win of the season this month.


That's better. Much more polished performance. They had a goal chalked off but it was already 3-0 at the time. Great way to finish the month.

The early league table looks like this...


Lots of draws. Last seasons Champions Funmakers can go top with a bunch of teams still unbeaten. I have a feeling this could be a fun season.

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24 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

your screwed now, before you were humble and expected to struggle, therefore you didn't

Now you have informed FM that you are going to win everything...

FMs response.... "Challenge accepted"

I'd like to say you're wrong but early form suggests otherwise!

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Super Stars (SXM)

September 2024

International Duty starts the month. We have 3 called up 2 of them being full Internationals.


Still plenty to be getting on with this month.

Flames won a game without me playing so we are already playing catch up. A position I've not really found myself in this career.


Good win. We destroyed them. I would have like a bigger win but 3 points are 3 points.

Funmakers at home next, another big test of our title chances.


A good win gives us a great platform for the rest of the season. Need to build on it though.


Disappointing point in the end. We did more than enough to win the game just couldn't find the net again, even after the sending off. 


Despite still being unbeaten we are just dropping too many points to start the season.

One more game this month and personally its a big one...



Getting tired of conceding costly penalties. We are dominating games but not coming away with wins. 

This is the sort of season I've been expected for seasons! 

League table looks like this...


Nobody unbeaten and we have some catching up to do. Very early days yet but I've seen enough to know this isn't going to be a season where everything goes our way.

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Super Stars (SXM)

October 2024

October won't be very busy compared, which is a shame because I want the games to come thick and fast so we can start racking up points again.


Just the 2 games this month.

We start with a tricky away game against the team favourites for the title. Although they currently find themselves 2nd bottom.

I'd like a win and not to give away a penalty. Not much to ask really!


Finally a huge win to go with the performance. Can't say a single bad thing about that 90 minutes.

3 weeks now between games. International Break is becoming a nuisance.


In the Crimea Bakhchysaray are back to the bottom. They need me!

A game against the only team without a win finishes up the short month...we are know where this is going...


Just the month we needed after the disappointing end to the last one.

It means after a quick month the table looks like this...


Still in 3rd but we have the chance to leap frog Flames United. Still behind the Champions but we are in a better place then we were 2 games ago.


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Reggae Lions is up there with my favourite club names so far!

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Super Stars FC

November 2024

November is very similar to October.


Just the two games.

Veendam are just behind us in 4th so they will not be a straightforward victory.


A good win. Veendam had a goal disallowed at 3-1 which would have made things very interesting. Luckily it was chalked off and we held on.

Maybe that was just a little blip rather than the sign of things to come. Be much happier when we are top and clear of everybody though. Normally nearly won the league by now!

Another 3 week gap between games.

Chance for revenge to finish the month, against the only team who have beaten us so far this season.


That's how you get revenge!

Table looks like this at the end of the month...


We still aren't top but we have the game in hand to do so. It seems the flame has gone out for one of the chasing teams...

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34 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

Reggae Lions is up there with my favourite club names so far!

For me is a team currently in the Timor-Leste 2nd tier who are just called “Zebra”

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Super Stars (SXM)

December 2034

December has a bit more to it than the previous months...




Sorry Hotspurs waaaay to late.

So we have a chance to finally go top of the league for the first time all season. Just need to keep winning.


Good way to start the month. 

We are officially top! 

We have 3rd at home next, not an easy game at all but if we win they will be cut adrift a little bit.


We blew a 3 goal lead and were lucky they had a goal chalked off in stoppage time. No way near good enough.

We need to bounce back in our next game. Hopefully they will feel my rage and not want to feel it again!


A good bounce back game. 

It sets us up lovely with a top of the table clash away to the Funmakers. 

Win or draw and we retain the advantage.

Bit of a break between games which is good, don't want fitness to become an issue.


A draw is as good as a win in this situation. Obviously disappointed to lose the lead but it was coming so no complaints. Fair result.

One more game this month and we finish 2034 at home to the Young Strikers in a Top v Bottom affair. Should be 3 points.


Good way to finish the month and the year.


We have the chance to really open up a gap. First time we have been on top this season. I'm hoping this is the start of the end. 

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Super Stars (SXM)

January 2035


Quieter month this month. Big game against Flames, we can't let them back into the title race.


First game all wrapped up inside the first half hour. No complaints at all.

Bit of a gap until next game. Will be a quick and short update this one!


We just aren't getting enough wins in a row!


I wasn't expecting a performance or win as big as that. It pretty much ends Flames' title challenge!

Funmakers are still keeping us on our toes.


Good win to finish a perfect month. We are on a serious roll at the right moment.

The table looks like this...


We still have that 3 point lead over Funmakers with the game in hand. We aren't able to pull away just yet but things are looking good.

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Super Stars (SXM)

February 2035

A nice small month so should be less fixtures.


Or as February is known on the Island of Sain Maarten "the busiest month of the year". (I've made that up).

Super Star derby (made that up too) to kick off the month. Big game against Funmakers, against avoiding defeat is key there.


Bakhchysaray have picked it up but its going to be another Rubin Yalta title. Its bad in a way because while they are constantly finishing 2nd they are going to see no reason to change even though I can get them over the line.


All the games seem to happen in the 2nd half of the season in Timor-Leste. Assalam are a team who have never won it so if they continue one more will be taken off the list.


Very tight in the second division. The top 3 have all won the league before so its not a benefit them going up. Lalenok Utd haven't before so we will be cheering on them really.

I know a few of you might be wanting me to start from the bottom in one country but really I want to smash through as many countries as possible before FM20. I have my FM20 save already lined up and it will be much different to this save and massively out my comfort zone.


4th straight clean sheet. I think this is the month its going to stretch out.


It took us a bit longer to get going this season compared to some team but we are there now and I can't see us losing it from here.

Funmakers next and a win would pretty much put us out of sight. Sometimes the league is won late February/Early March, this season its when the training wheels have come off.


Finally strung some wins together!


That's the league pretty much sorted. We would need a terrible run and I just don't see it happening.


Not very often we get this record. I'll take it!


We finally concede just after breaking the record. The train keeps chugging along.

Second time we play Veerdam this month. We obviously destroyed them the first time.

I'm going to go ahead and queue up the US Virgin Islands to load. Going to stick with 3 countries loaded at any given time. Just hoping I can get an interview and line up a job for next season. I don't want to be waiting around again.


Easy win. Not much else to say.

One more game this month.


Easy for Rubin Yalta.


First time in a while we have been challenged. We were hanging on in the end. Good job we didn't lose another big lead.

It means the table looks like this...


10 points clear 1 game in hand. March is a short month so it won't be won in March but its all but...

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Super Stars (SXM)

March 2035

As I mentioned March isn't a big month.


Just the 2 games. We should be winning both really.


One down. Straight forward.


We started and finished poorly but at least the rest of the 85 minute we played well.

The table looks like this after a very short month...


13 points with 1 game in hand and 27 points to play for. April will be the month the title comes home and as soon as it does I will be resigning. No unbeaten season to play for so no reason to stick around.

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4 minutes ago, Hootieleece said:

What country are the Superstars in?

They are in Sint Maarten. 

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Super Stars (SXM)
April 2035

The title is normally won by now. The title will be won this month.


We have 4 games in which to do so including a game against 2nd place Funmakers.

We just played Soualiga and only just beat then 4-3, any win is a good win however.


Much more straight forward this time. 1 game closer to the title.


Not really the record you want to be setting. Even the potential title isn't enough to draw the crowd in!

Away stand coming up. We can't drop any points if we want to wrap up the title today.


We did very well not to lose this one! I thought we nicked it but it wasn't meant to be. Poor discipline.


Our first defeat for a long time means no matter what happens in the final game of the month we can't win the league! It means officially the league title will go down to the final month!

A mini blip! Hopefully we can finish the month strong.


A good solid win.

It means the table looks like this...


So close! Into May we go.

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Super Stars (SXM)

May 2035

I'm hoping this post covers literally a few days and one game.

This is officially May.


But I'm not looking past that Flames United game. Win that and we lift the title 2 days into May.


We are going to be losing 2 teams in the Top Division of Timor-Leste. Assalam forever and either DIT or Kablaki were available for me to take over. 


And odds are they will be replaced by a team who has already won the league. It means there are only going to be 3 teams in the top division who have never won the league.

Be interesting to see what the US Virgin Islands throw up.


Excellent stuff.

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So here we are again. No job.

Here is the current state of play.


Somalia/Sain Maarten has been completed. I'm still waiting on Bakhcysaray to get their act together and there is plenty to choose from in Timor-Leste in both divisions. If I have to start at the bottom I will.

US Virgin Islands are queued up to be loaded once the leagues regenerate.

Now only thing left to do is sit back and wait for the interviews to flood in...


Assalam officially come off the list. Cuts the number of teams down to 13 with only 3 of them in the top division.


Ok i get it!


I mean don't we all?


Say hello to the US Virgin Islands. Surprised me how many teams are in it. How many have never won the league though?


Amazingly only 5 out the 17 have never won the league. Some cracking names. Personal favourites are New and Positive Vibes, True Playerz (the z makes it) and of course Togetherness. My first chance to take over Chelsea as well! I've applied for all 5 jobs. 


Not much else I can do really.

I have a feeling its going to be another season on the sidelines. No action to speak of.

All the leagues have started without me and because I've not taken over any club mid season so far I think its safe to say it won't be till May 2036 until we have a new job.

I'm going to go on holiday and make a brew!


Its not a job I applied for but they wanted me. I had a quick look and couldn't say no. Its not going to be a country I can win the World Cup with or the Euros but its a way back into International Management. I'll take it.


The country has just qualified for the Euro's via the Nations League playoffs.


They aren't in the best of places but it will be nice to take part in a Major Final then build towards attempting to qualify for the World Cup 2038. The next World Cup will take place in South Africa so at least I have a logo I can use!

Looking domestically...


Rubin Yalta pick up their 6th straight title. Come on Bakhchysaray come get me!


Boavistia have walked the Timor-Leste division, they were out of bounds either way. Both sides at the bottom have won the league so it doesn't mean much to me.


True Playerz look to have it in US Virgin Islands with Chelsea being the best out of the teams I can take over. 

It seems nobody will be removed from the list and hopefully we can get a domestic job.



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European Championship 2036

The old European Championship belt from the WWF came up when I googled European Championship so we are 100% rocking with that.

It's time for the draw. We are a 4th seed so I imagine it will be tricky. We have the current World Champions Turkey in the draw.


And its the current World Champions Turkey we will be playing. Its not a horrible draw. Certainly could have been worse. We will be looking to finish Top 3 and qualify for the Knockout Rounds.


The draw in full and there are a few tasty looking games.

I have arranged friendlies with Scotland, Germany an Ukraine because I obviously don't like to win.

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Interesting that you get all these International Management jobs while mostly managing obscure teams.

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European Championship 2036

I will be playing my friendlies in a shocking change of pace. I have no idea who is good in this team so its vital I at least have a look!

Scotland up first, we need to be winning this game if only to build confidence.

We are also in the top division in the Nations League...


Although probably not for long.


Would you look at that...I know it would be skipping ahead of the Crimea and Timor-Leste but at this point beggars can't be choosers. It they don't want me in their country then I'm more than happy to go to the US Virgin Islands!

So this is the Sweden team I will be rocking in the Championships.


Its not a horrible team. I think we had enough about us to reach the knockouts at least. Then its see what happens.

I've missed International Football, not going to lie.


Not missed this though. An individual defensive mistake gifted them the equaliser. Too many average or below average performances. More work is needed.

Germany next, don't really fancy our chances.


2 more interviews. Chelsea (VIR) are the best team I can take over in the US Virgin Islands and obviously they are called Chelsea, its a no brainer unless somebody from a different country comes at me before the job offer.


I don't know how its possibly but we have come out of this game both encouraged and disheartened. We should have at least drawn that game and I'm annoyed we didn't.

One more fixture to go into the Euros with at little a shred of confidence.

Ukraine are the easier of the 3 friendlies so I beg of you. Win!


I won't be able to take over the Chelsea I want to manage so this will do! I've asked not to take over until after the European Championship so I can give it my full attention.

We play Turkey and Denmark first finishing up with France. I hope we don't go into the France game needing something!


Well we got the win. Do I feel ready? Not really but lets do this!

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8 minutes ago, Hootieleece said:

Interesting that you get all these International Management jobs while mostly managing obscure teams.

The Anguilla and British Virgin Island championships are very important in Sweden obviously :lol:

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European Championship 2036

Holland and Belgium are the hosts. We are the ranked outsiders. Lets get this over and done with so I can focus on Chelsea (VIR).

The World Champions are up first. If this was 2019 I'd fancy my chances. Its 2036 and I don't.


We had to come from behind but we more than deserved the win. Great performance and a great start to the tournament. If we beat Denmark not only will we be through but we should get a nice draw in the 2nd Round. But lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet!

All the interviews from Timor-Leste are coming in now which isn't good because it means I wont be able to apply for those jobs until they are filled and the manager loses it. We could be waiting on Timor-Leste a while!

Denmark is obviously a derby match so it won't be easy! France beat Turkey so if we win we are through to the knockouts.


An absolutely brilliant game! A mega start saw us score within seconds but be behind after 7 minutes. We had to wait for the goals but when they came they were great. Svensson (who is easily the best player on the team) finished how he started and sends us through to the knockouts. That's the expectation sorted which means I will be around for the World Cup Qualifiers at least.

A nice game against France to finish off the group stage. We need to win it to finish top but to be honest I'm not mega fussed!


Its been a while since Sweden were knocked out at the Group Stage. Don't like the luck of that penalty cheese though.

As per its the best 4 3rd place teams who make it through to the knockouts.


At this point Bosnia and Herzegovina need a miracle with only 1 points and -4 GD. Shout out to Kosovo for making it.


Well hold the phone. I don't know what would happen if these too need to be broken. I assume Goals Scored. In that case its advantage Greece. But more than likely both sides will be going home.


Scotland also book their place in the next round. Greece and Bosnia continue to sweat.


Holland also safely through and would be a dangerous opposition to anybody who tops their Group.


England also scraping by!

It means Bosnia and Greece are out and the 3rd place will come from our Group. If either team win they are through if its a draw then its Turkey who will scrape through on 1 point thanks to their "better" GD.

Personally I don't think it matters if we win or lose this game there isn't going to be an easy draw.


No grumbles really with how this went. My biggest concern are the strikers. They aren't doing enough.


An 89th minute winner sent Denmark home and the World Champions into the Knockout Stages.


Ok I will hold my hands up now and say that is probably the best draw we could have hoped for.


Especially when consider France got Holland and Turkey got Germany!

The tournament can really heat up now.


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European Championship 2036

Ok so its Romania in the Second Round. Easily one of the best draws I could have got but it means nothing if we don't win.


Portugal get the knockout stages underway with an extra time win. They always seem to be dangerous.


Second game second extra time and first shock. Bulgaria power into the Quarter Final as one of the hosts depart. Belgium's golden generation long gone.


Italy ensure no more surprises. Simple win.


The World Champions are out. Losers.


Pinch yourselves. England win...on penalties. I know they did in 2018 WC but still! 

We are up next. Don't worry I'm not going to do Goal by Goal.


Brilliant performance. Was annoyed with the missed penalty at 1-0...but he made up for it 6 minutes later. After complaining about the Strikers they scored all 3 goals and we ease into the Quarter Final.


The draw has been made already and I don't fancy our chances. We face the winner of France and Holland.


The defending champions are out! Scotland are through. I can dream!


The best was saved till last in the Second Round and its Holland we will be taking on! What a game! 

Glad its Holland, already played France and already been beaten by France.


Us, Scotland and Bulgaria with brilliant tournaments. Expect Germany, Italy, Holland and probably Portugal in the Semis I reckon.


Good fightback from England but just not enough. Portugal through. First time they have made the Semis since winning it in 2016.


Good effort by Bulgaria they gave the Germans a scare but no shocks today. Two more chances for one though. Germany have been knocked out in either the Semi Final or the Second Round since they won it in 2008.


Not even a sniff of a shock here. We have Italy in the Nations League and I'm already dreading it.

So we take on the hosts led out by none other than Brendan Rodgers. Whatever happens Holland will show good character.

A total of 7 players are on Yellows meaning if we do get through it could be a massively depleted team.


We silenced the crown in the 12th minute and they even missed a penalty in stoppage time. Its a close game and it still could go either way.


Absolutely gutted. We played brilliantly or 86 minutes of this game just lost that concentration. We also had a goal disallowed for offside in the 86th minute which I'm steaming about. Great goal chalked off because somebody was adjudged to be interfering in an offside position. I can't even complain about it in the press conference. 

Hope Holland go on to lose. I'm very salty.

If we had gone through we would have been missing 5 players through suspension!

Was expecting to take over Chelsea (VIR) as soon as I was knocked out but must have to wait until the tournament has ended.


Portugal continue their excellent tournament, it hasn't been an easy run for them.


They will face Germany after an OG broke Italian hearts. 


Portugal win it and I reckon they deserve it. :applause:

Tournament over and still no Chelsea (VIR) job. I think I've been bugged out a job.

To think I turn down all those Timor-Leste interviews as well.

Not going to lie this has left a very bitter taste in my mouth and with all the bugs I've come across and leagues not being correct I'm not sure I want to carry on...

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sorry to hear you are struggling :( It's been an awesome read to this point, but then whatever save you pursue will also be fabulous to follow. In the end you have to do what you enjoy, or there's no point.  

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Chelsea (VIR)

Preseason 2036

Ok toys have been put back in the pram...


It just took a lot longer than I thought it would!


Nothing in the cabinet.

No cup to play for once again so its all about the league.

Its straight forward. 17 teams play each other twice for 32 games.


We are one of the favourites which means I'm expecting this to be a fairly straightforward year...

...in fact...


I've already queued Montserrat to load.

As always first thing first, get some staff in so I can delegate jobs. I'm a very lazy manager.

Obviously friendlies have already been organised.


Nice to see some old teams. You'll remember them from the British Virgin Islands. Shame the Ballstarz didn't make the trip!

Its worth mentioning that I've applied for France, Spain, Italy and England jobs...I mean I didn't get any of them but it was worth mentioning!


Despite being named as the Super Stars new manager on no less than 20 occasions he's decided to rejoin me as my assistant manager. I'm hoping this is a relationship I can keep for a while.


Well its safe to say I've won leagues with worse teams than this. Doesn't mean I'm not going to try and rinse the Media Dream XI.

Amazingly only managed to convince one to join. Looks like I'm going to have to do this with the players I have.

I hope this new level of confidence doesn't come back to bite me.

I'm going to show this...


It shows that the only Timor-Leste team who didn't ask me for an interview was Assalam, a team I can no longer manage. It means the chances of going to Timor-Leste are very very slim at the moment. We need teams to actually hire a new manager and then fire them so we can re-apply. I may need to go around each team in Timor-Leste and create a manager who will resigned straightaway. That or Bakhchysaray will finally give me a second chance!


Preseason over and that's a massive won to finish up. 

Lets get to it!


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Just now, Mandy42 said:

sorry to hear you are struggling :( It's been an awesome read to this point, but then whatever save you pursue will also be fabulous to follow. In the end you have to do what you enjoy, or there's no point.  

I was just being impatient. I am very much enjoying this still and glad that it didn't bug out! This save will take me to FM20. The save I have planned for FM 20 is so far out my comfort zone :D

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Just now, andychar said:

I was just being impatient. I am very much enjoying this still and glad that it didn't bug out! This save will take me to FM20. The save I have planned for FM 20 is so far out my comfort zone :D

glad to hear it, unfortunately I'll be slumming it with FM19 for a while now :p 

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Chelsea (VIR)

August 2036

August is my favourite month. Football is back and everything is a fresh. As a Mansfield fan its the part of the season filled with hope, I mean it doesn't normally last long but hey hope is good!


I'm expecting an easy season again. One year I'll be wrong though right?

Say hello to what will be the starting XI for most games until I can get strength at least...


Its not great but as I said before I've won leagues with worse. My biggest concern is these are my only strikers and one of them is a AMC!

I've had a great start before I've even begun...


My best defender isn't happy because of the lack of talent in midfield. I agree with him completely but told him there aren't any players out there (which is true). He didn't like it and said some things he didn't mean, I said some things I didn't mean and now we aren't talking. Do your talking on the pitch Teofilo that's all I ask!


This piece of news might seem pointless but its a good sign. Its a Timor-Leste club. More importantly its a club who hasn't won the league before.

Just going to point out as well there is no Continental qualification for the US Virgin Islands meaning as soon as the league is in the bag I am free to leave...unless there's an unbeaten season on the line of course!

Always good when the first question you get asked before the start of a new season is the state of the pitch.


Welcome to the US Virgin Islands!

Right finally time to start the season!


Don't know what's more impressive. The 5-0 win or the fact that the not a single goal came from the strikers.


Finally a goal from a striker number 7 of the year for the team. 2 clean sheets, couldn't have asked for a better start really.

Just the one International Call Up. Lets see how much that changes come end of the season.


Nice and steady finish to the month.


Already top. Title in the bag?

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Chelsea (VIR)

September 2036

Sweden up first in the National League. We drew Italy and England. Italy up first. I'm not expecting to survive.

England beat Italy in the first game. If we can somehow beat Italy then its a big step in surviving.

Luckily the Swedish board doesn't care about it so it won't affect my job.

3 changes made from the team who started the Quarters. It showed me I was missing a few better players through injury.

I thought we were at home. Its in Italy, we don't stand a chance :lol:


We gave it a good go! I saw enough to make me think we might stand a chance in the home games. If we can somehow win both of them then I'd like to think that would be enough to survive. 

We will find out next time.

Back to Domestic issues now...


More of the same would be lovely.


More of the same. A big win and a clean sheet.


Still yet to concede a goal. Wasn't expecting it to go this well.


We were so close to getting another clean sheet. 3 points it more important though.

The table looks like this...


We already have a comfortable lead. Hopefully the title can be wrapped up quickly.

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5 hours ago, andychar said:

Un câștigător în minutul 89 a trimis Danemarca acasă și campionii mondiali în etapele Knockout.


Ok, îmi voi ține mâinile acum și voi spune că este probabil cea mai bună tragere la care am fi putut spera.

I am from Romania. Could it be the rematch of 1994? 

I haven't read it yet.

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4 hours ago, andychar said:

Suntem alături. Nu vă faceți griji că nu voi face obiectiv prin gol.


Performanță strălucitoare. S-a enervat cu penalizarea ratată la 1-0 ... dar a compensat 6 minute mai târziu. După ce s-au plâns de atacanți au marcat toate cele 3 goluri și ne ușurăm în sfertul de finală.




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1 hour ago, Axyongaming007 said:



Sorry. If it makes you feel any better my hopes and dreams were crushed the very next game. 

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37 minutes ago, andychar said:

Scuze. Dacă te face să te simți mai bine speranțele și visele mele au fost zdrobite chiar în următorul joc. 

You have nothing to apologize for. It was your job to eliminate it, not eliminate it, but I still wanted to take the European championship.

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Andychar crushes my hopes and dreams all the time, it's a nature of his threads :D


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18 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

Andychar crushes my hopes and dreams all the time, it's a nature of his threads :D


It’s true. If you can’t crush somebodies dreams or innocently raid a village for hidden talent what’s the point in living. 

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