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[FM19] It's The Hope That Kills You

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August 2024

I think we will do better than what we have predicted. Saying that I can't be too upset if it doesn't go our way.


The cup will be a good measuring stick as to where we are. Would be nice to have a cup run but I'm not expecting it. I'm not wanting to expect anything this season really. Its worth remembering if I cant advance with the Ballstarz's Rebels and Woules are free to take over still. They are plan Y and Z.

So onto the first competitive game. Keeping fingers firmly crossed.


A good result with a great performance. Not completely over but we have put ourselves in a good position heading into the second leg.


Job done. We missed a penalty at 1-1 but its not the end of the World. Quarter Final place booked and maybe just maybe this season won't be awful!


By November we will know exactly where we are and we will know if we are the underdogs are not. All rounds in the cup are two legged.

No rest as we start the league season. Against Sugar Boys of all teams.


5 goals over 2 games, 5 red cards. I think there might be something in the water in old British Virgin Islands!

Either way, great start.

A clash with newly promoted Old Madrid is next and for once I think we will be favourite.


Started poor but the goal was a wake up call. Another red card. I can't remember this tactic being aggressive with other teams. Will have to keep an eye on it. 2 out of 2. Very happy.

Early top of the table class next against One Love.


Very good result which flattered us a bit. Tight game in the first half which we just about edged. It was cagey in the second but we had the better motor and grabbed two late goals.

It means the early table looks like this...


Advantage us but still a long way to go.


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Your can't be a Virgin Fat Woman when there are Ballstarz around.

This year on year off lark is playing merry hob with your taxes! 

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September 2024

A bit more a relaxed month in store, mainly due to International Break. I would like to point out that I'm still interested in International Management but I won't go chasing it. Not that I think my title wins in San Marino, Bahamas and Anguilla are going to bag me the England Job.


We have had a good start but I don't want to get complacent.


Even if I wanted to I just can't!

Still waiting for that illusive Teachers job. If they came for me I would accept and take over at the end of the season regardless of how this year goes. I can always go back to the BVI if need be.


They are all coming thick and fast now!


Proof if it was needed that its not going to go all our way this season. That being said we should have won this game, didn't take chances. Poor performance.

Need to bounce back its the Virgin Gorda derby!


Still no teachers.


Absolutely shambolic goal to concede in stoppage time. P***ing around with it at the back, keeper dawdles and loses it Vanterpool slots it into an empty net. The most angry I've been this save so far. There are players currently playing for their future.

I wish I could give Andy Young a wage for a week so I can fine him.

It doesn't get any easier with an away trip to Islanders (and yes its actually away).


Absolutely amazing win but this is a weird result. They were absolutely dominant up until the sending off and penalty. I love the result but in the back of my mind I know it could easily have been a different story.

It means the table looks like this at the end of the month...


That loss to Virgin Gorda has cost us top spot but plenty of time to go and lets remember, we are 2nd worst in the league according to the predictions. 

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October 2024

Big month, we are playing catch up for one of the first times in my career.


We finish the first round of games then play the 3 teams we beat to start the season, fingers crossed its a successful month!


Was it just a blip? We played well here, fingers crossed this is a turning point in the season.

Now we have all played the same amount of games here's the league table...


The Virgin Gorda massive at the top!

Old Madrid next, remember, this are the only team predicted to do worse than us.


I love that British Virgin Islands water. Once again a game changed on a red card. They started strong but it was pretty much ended with the red. By the time we got ours I felt the game was won. Another win another clean sheet. Keep them coming.

A nice International Break now, gives my players the chance to recover.


Wooooo about time!


Dominant performance against the Sugar Boys. Another clean sheet. We have recovered from the sticky patch brilliantly. The only problem is, those two teams are coming back around to play...

But not yet...Rebels next. 


A very even game that could have gone either way. Thankfully it went our way. I slated the defence after that 2-1 loss and they responded with 4 clean sheets in a row for a perfect month. Nicely done :applause:

The league tables looks like this...


A perfect month coupled with Virgin Gorda's not so spectacular month means we have opened up a healthy lead at the top. We have a tricky couple of games next, big month ahead.

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November 2024

A mix of league and cup this month.


I said after winning the first round we will know better come November if we should be favourites or not....I'd be disappointed if we are eliminated here.


A good even game that could have gone either way. In the end it was a GK error that gifted us the winner. Not over yet.

Luckily the first leg is straight after so we don't have to wait and see, I've never not made at least the Final so far and I want to keep it that way.


Job done. A bit more comfortable this time. 


One Love in the Semi, and One Love next in the league. Not before a 2 week gap for Internationals though.


A fiesty game of football which saw them have a goal chalked off in stoppage time. It goes to show that maybe the Cup Semi Final won't be as straightforward as I was thinking.

Final game of the month coming up and a chance for a perfect month. Problem is its against Virgin Gorda. We have chance for revenge after the late mistake cost up a point in our first Derby game.

Win and its an 8 point lead, lose and its 2. That's how tight this could be.


The records are starting to tumble.


Can we play with 10 men every week (oh wait we pretty much already do). We played brilliantly following the red card, honestly I was worried but I needn't be. 6 goals, 1 injury, 1 red card and 2 disallowed goals...ladies and gentlemen the Virgin Gorda derby.

As I elluded before here is the league table at the end of November.



Too soon?

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December 2024

A nice normal month. A game a week. That will do.

Smoochie Boochies has made an appearance. He managed 5 minutes at Teachers. So I could do this...



Hopefully it kicks starts an interview.


A good start to the month. Entertaining last 10 minutes in the first half then nothing in the second. I'll take it.

Islanders next. I'm always weary of them...


Dunno why. Great first half performance again. 

We are looking pretty unbeatable at the moment. Old Madrid next up.


Not as straightforward as the score would suggest. Bad first half, but this time we turned up in the second. As long as we have a good 45 minutes one way or another I'll be happy.

Rebels finish the month. They are up there, a loss here and we will be made to look over our shoulder a little.


They say Champions know how to win ugly. That's exactly what this was. I was sure it was going to end 0-0 but we managed to find a breakthrough for a massively 3 points.


It means we leave 2024 with a nice lead at the top. We have gone over the halfway point as well so we can start counting down to the title.

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January 2025

A new year and hopefully more of the same.


A game a week, all in the league, nice and tidy.

Starting with basement boys Sugar Boys.

For all my dominating this save so far I'm a little annoyed I've yet to have an unbeaten season.


They gave us a good run for our money but we were too strong for them. We keep rolling on.

12 matches won in a row in the league...time for unlucky 13?



Right country, wrong club.


Good old Smoochie Boochies!


This is brilliant. Its so great knowing I won't need to holiday at the end of the year!

It does mean I have no more control over transfers. I could end up losing players and do nothing about it, Fingers crossed I hold onto the lead at the top.


New job pending but game results. We keep plodding and this season will be over soon.

Its the Virgin Gorda Derby next. If we lose it then the title won't be guaranteed. If we win it then its a 13 point gap. It would be all but in the bag surely.

Both games so far this season have been crackers.


Well it appears I've found my Kyptonite. A belting free kick was the difference here. No complaints really.

Woules finishes the month off, the only other team to take points off me, if they do it again the title race could heat up.


A blip and nothing more. Good win, I was a little worried with the red card, but its more normal to finish with 10 men than it is 11.


With 8 games left as well.

It means the table looks like this...


It could go down to 7 points and with Virgin Gorda left to place once more its not completely in the bag. But its looking gooooood!

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February 2025

Back to cup action to start the month then a few league fixtures as we edge closer and closer to sealing the clubs first league title.


We have to be favourite to go through to the final.


Not over but one big foot in the Final. In the other Semi Virgin Gorda won 1-0. It could be a Virgin Gorda Derby final. Given the result this season it would be very interesting.

We have to make sure we finish the job first. Virgin Gorda have done theirs.


And we did ours. Very comfortable. Very happy.


Confirmation if needed. I better hope I've got the title wrapped up before the start of the final otherwise I'm not going to be around for the final game to win it!

Better win the two league games this month then! Old Madrid first. They are battling relegation.

I've had my first casualty since signing a pre contract with Teachers. We have lost a starting midfielder. Fingers crossed this doesn't continue.


Comfortable? No. A win? Yes. At this stage that's all that matters.

We have now lost our main striker. He had scored 11 goals in 20 games. I have a feeling we are going to have to limp over the line.

Me signing this pre-contact could be a massive mistake...

Rebels at home to finish the month. Be a tricky game.

Hats off to whoever is in charge of transfers. We lost our first choice midfielder and he brings in a better midfielder.


How big could that equaliser be?! Its not ideal dropping points but it could have been much worse.


The gap is 10 points which could be reduced to 7 and with Virgin Gorda left to play the gap could easily drop to 4. We can't afford to take our foot off the pedal just yet. Its going to be a nervous finish I fear.

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March 2025

I'm nervous. I need this title wrap up before the final game because I wont be here to play it. It would be a shame to have wasted an entire season.


Final game of the season...


2 days after I join Teachers.

Current lead is 10 points with a possible 18 to play for. I just need to keep winning.


Just the two games this month and they are both at the start of the month.

Islanders away is not an easy game.


The pressure is on. Game amount of games played, the gap is 7 points.


Back up to 10 points. We rode our luck in this one. Win ugly. That's all we need to do.

Sugar Boys next. On paper it should be an easy win but at the moment I'm not confident of anything.


Huge result without us even kicking a ball. The gap is 9 points, we have played exactly the same amount of games.

If we win we will go 12 points clear with 4 games to go (Virgin Gorda will have 5 games).


I thought we were gonna blow it. I honestly did. Thankfully we got that 4th. The gap is huge now. We are so close to crossing the line.

So on the 9th of March our month is over.


The title is all but ours.

Now everybody has caught up the table looks like this...


Battle at the bottom is looking good. 11 points clear with 12 to play for. Surely even if we were to lose every single game we would still take the title.


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April 2025

Hopefully the month we can wrap up the title, in fact a win in the next game is all we need.


Back to back defeats however could leave me feeling a little nervous.


Virgin Gorda are going to make me work for it. A win is the only thing that will bring home the title on the 12th.

Over in the Turks and Caicos Islands...


Small World made it back to back titles. Teachers are the only team not to have won the league. Hopefully that will change next season.




88 People travelled to see us win the league. It was nervy but once that goal went in we were dominant. Very happy. 

Two pointless games next and I couldn't be happier!

Instant result time...


Sets us up brilliantly for the Cup Final. We have played 4 won 2 lost 2, it will be interesting.

Another instant result to get this season over and done with...


Another nice win.

It leaves the table looking like this...


It will be how I leave the table looking. The next two games are the Cup Final.

Despite the big gap I feel this has been the hardest season.

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May 2025

Its Cup Final time. The league is nicely in the bag, its set up to be a tight tie. This means one thing...goal by goal updates! Woooooo!


Our route to the final started tricky but got better.


One less round for Virgin Gorda. Old Madrid gave them a good go but Islanders rolled over in the second leg.

It should be good.


Great start and an early goal.

31 minutes gone and we have been reduced to 10 men. A crazy two footed lunge.


We have doubled our lead. Great effort by our 10 men.

2-0 at the break. If we can hold them off I'll be delighted.


Its getting better and better. One hand on the cup.

3-0's the final score. Very happy.

Maybe I'll not do goal by goal for the second leg, unless they score first and make a game of it!


Job done. 

2 trophies. Another country down. 


4 down a million to go!

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22 minutes ago, Northernpilgrim said:

Great season :)

Thanks a lot! It felt a little more of a slog this season, I don't think I'm prepared to fail yet :lol:

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May 2025

Its so good to have a job straight away and not have to wait.



A nice blank canvas. I've had the Turks and Caicos Islands loaded for a while so lets take a look at their past positions.


It doesn't make happy reading. I'm here to change this.


I have one game this month. Full Physic are 2nd. I'm not expecting anything.

I've gone for instant result...


Very good win! I didn't pick any subs so its not surprising we conceded. Good marker for next season.


Final table looks like this. A nice mid table place and something to build on next season. 

Building blocks are in place. Its time to destroy the free agency market!

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Pre-Season 2025

The first task I always do is look at the media's dream team. I will try and sign as many as possible that way I should have the best team...right?

I managed to get 7 of them :lol:


I may have invaded the national side as well.

I'll wait until the next season is generated.


Wow this surprises me. We're rich!

With the new season comes the new odds...


No pressure then.


First time I've been expected to win everything.

I'm not going to chase any more players but I'm not going to say no if one falls into my lap.

For the first time in a while I've not applied for any job. I won't do until I have guaranteed the title. I'd best look who I can actually join in the Cayman Islands.


Cayman Brac and North Side are in the Top Division the rest are in the Second Tier. I would prefer a top division job but I can't be picky at this point!

So what's the team look like?

It's big so instead of showing you everybody here's the starting lineup...


Lots of room for improvement but we are favourites so I'm not going to complain.

The next league to be loaded will be the Crimea.


As mentioned in a previous post most of Africa isn't loaded so there are going to be several holes. Crimea don't have a National Side so I'm happy for them to replace. It will be nice to leave North America for a season!

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Friendlies 2025

My hatred for friendlies continues. I arranged but I won't be managing.

My end of season team meeting explained how I wanted a top half finish this season. The boys were happy. The preseason meeting changed from top half to champions. The boys were happy.

I have a feeling I'm going to be in for a massive shock when I can't just raid clubs for players.


That's nearly 20 per club!


Well that's an encouraging start.

We only play one foreign team. The rest are teams we will face this season.

I have a nice array of staff after arriving with none, we have no physio however. It means surprise injuries all season.


A good result against the foreign team who came all the way from Haiti.


I have a feeling this is going to be a good season.

The final friendly is against the back to back winners. Win this comfortably and we won't have anything to worry about.


We start the season with a two legged quarter final. It will be a good yard stick to see where we are. I am expecting good things.


All friendlies in the bag. My ass man did good.

Its time for the serious business to commence.

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August 2025

The cup starts the month then we get our teeth sunk into the league. Excited to begin.


Annoyed to have conceded in the last minute but overall a good performance and it should see us through to the next round.

2 week break between legs. Annoying but can't do much.

I applied for 2 National Jobs. El Salvador and New Zealand. El Salvador wanted me but I rejected because I wanted the New Zealand job...they didn't want me. As you were!


Good two legged performance. 6-1 on agg and we set up a semi final with...


We played and smashed them in a friendly. I imagine a competitive game will be much different.

Straight into league action now with only a few days rest.


A good start to the league season. After an hour I thought it was going to be one of those games but we took control. 

No rest the games are coming thick and fast.

Academy Eagles are next for the third time this season already.

A few changes needed due to fitness.


We rescued a point in the end...


Quite how we didn't win I'll never know. One of those games, just happy to have not lost it.

Early table looks like this...


Small World started strong, we are already playing catch up (kinda). 26 games to go.

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September 2025

We start September with an International Break. A much needed one after 3 games in a week.

We need to be more clinical. Its one thing to say we should have won the last game but really we should be taking the chances we created.

We start the month with a real tester.


Away to what I believe to be our biggest threat.

If we lose it we are already 5 points off the pace. We can't have that.


The 2 fans who travelled left happy. Its not been nearly as comfortable as I thought it was going to be but as long as we keep winning I'll be happy.


First time we have really dominated. When it was 4-0 at HT I thought the floodgates were going to open. They didn't but I'm not complaining.

One more game this month, can we make it a perfect month?


We are finding our rhythm now. Very happy.

It means the table looks like this...


Only teams left unbeaten but with only 4 points separating the top 5 its still quite close.

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October 2025


There's no place like home!

We have the lead, lets build on it!


We didn't rack up the goals but we got the job done. Good performance. Very happy.

International Break next, I'm getting itchy trigger fingers for a National Side. Always the case, say I'm not bothered then boom I'm the new manager of the Oman National Side.

But with no jobs free I'll wait patiently.


I am now officially the best.


I just can't help myself. Senegal would be job of choice. Then North Korea then its Bolivia if I have too.


It was North Korean who came back to me first and I couldn't turn it down. Literally...they had a gun to my head.


Amazingly I'm 2 games away from qualifying for World Cup 2026. 


To say I have a chance is an understatement really.

They will be played next month.

Back to Domestic Issues now.


They had as many shots as the amount of visiting supporters...not a single one. I pressed space bar too many times at the start and accidentally skipped the team talk so I was a bit concerned...must do it more often.

Final game of the month next. We needed to take advantage of this home stand and if we win we can 100% say we did.


We absolutely battered them. When its 1-0 there's always the worry for a sucker punch. But we held on.

It means the league table looks like this at the end of October...


Small World keeping us on our toes but with more than 1/4 gone now we have a healthy lead.

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bring on the Crimea, and back to back years of management your going to need a lie down! 

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November 2025

November isn't as big as my massive North Korean games take the priority.

That being said...


Busy month still!

We start against the only team to take points off us this season so far. Much needed revenge is in order.


They made it 2-1 with minutes to go and my immediate thought was "here we go". We went straight up the other end and scored. A nice bit of revenge.

Its the top two next. Win and my lead with be a minimum 9 points. Win and I think i'll get Crimea ready to load...


I don't think we are going to be caught. Its time to think about going the season unbeaten!

A nice International Break now. But not for me...

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13 hours ago, Mandy42 said:

bring on the Crimea, and back to back years of management your going to need a lie down! 

I'm in much need of a rest I tell ya!

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Posted (edited)


November 2025

2 games away from the World Cup. Not that I've had much to do with it.


As you can see its an old average squad. Meaning any qualification we get we wouldn't be expected to go very far. But lets get there shall we.

We play Guinea-Bissau in the Semi then onto the final to place either Solomon Islands or Curacao. We should be favourites for both games.

Lets hope my domestic form carries over to the International Arena.


Half time and its so far so good but its been a very even game. Worth nothing this is being played in the USA so I will lose my entire team as they are bound to flee.


A penalty and its two! Can we hold on and make the final?


Halfway there. We turned it on in the second half. Very good performance. So who is stopping us reaching the 2026 World Cup?

Its of course...




Ok so it turns out North and South American teams get a bye in the Final Round. It could have been much worse then it seems.

Its Curacao v Ecuador in the other "Final". We should beat Haiti...shouldn't we?

Haiti actually go into the game as favourites. Maybe its not going to be as straightforward as I thought.


Ecuador book their place...its our turn...

1 change is force but other than that its as you were.


Great start! 30 yarder!


We got a goal in what was a very even first half!


Couldn't have asked for a worst start to the second half. Game on.


The goal woke us up and we get a much deserved one. Not long now to hold on!



Well I know for a fact that's wrong but I'll take it!

So with qualification in the bag we can look forward to the draw. That's not it though this calendar year. The East Asian Cup takes place next month!



Edited by andychar

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November 2025

Just enough time this month to squeeze in another couple of games domestically.

I applied for all the free jobs in the Cayman Islands and only one wasn't unsuccessful straight away so I'll keep you updated on that if anything happens at all. They are in the second tier as well so could be the first time one season won't finish a country.


We took on my old assistant manager in his first game in charge. Bet he wishes he never left. As soon as the goal went in that was it. Game over. We are looking unbeatable at the moment...which means only one thing...


Close call. We went a bit mental towards the end there.


You know me. Love a good record.

It means after a busy November the league table looks like this...


Almost at the half way stage and there are 9 points between us and 2nd. I don't want to assume its over but...its over.

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"Manager Andy McGowan has been labelled a mastermind" - :lol:

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20 minutes ago, kidthekid said:

"Manager Andy McGowan has been labelled a mastermind" - :lol:

:lol: Not every manager would be able to beat Guinea-Bissau and Haiti you know! Powerhouses of World Football!

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December 2025

I was looking forward to a quieter December...


Oh Jesus. That mixed with the East Asian Cup and International Friendlies I have 10 games this month. 

Better crack on with it then!


Great start to the month. The red card was a reminder that anything can happen. That being said we are one game away from being half way there.

Every game of the East Asian Championship is the same day as a domestic game. I'm going to use Instant Result domestically and play the North Korean games.

Speaking of North Korea...


Definately in the category of "could have been better, could have been worse". I'm not expecting anything but you just never know. I think the East Asian Championship will show me just where I am.


Started well but Jesus nobody in defence turned up today. Shocking performances and they will more than likely be shot.


I'm not there but the results still are.

Its China next and we need to win to have absolutely any chance of winning this tournament, not that I think we will!

China beat Japan in the other game, the plan is we beat China, Japan beats South Korea then we beat Japan and China and South Korea draw. Easy right?


Well we have done our bit. The improbably is still possible! We really need South Korea not to win to stand any chance really.


Talk about leaving it late! I forgot to instant result this one so I had to watch the game. It was not good.

So we did our bit, could Japan help us out?


You bet. So the table heading into the final set of games couldn't be tighter.


All we need to do now is beat Japan and hope South Korea and China draw, either that or we need to absolute spank Japan.


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December 2025

So it all comes down to the final set of fixtures. We need to somehow beat Japan and hope that South Korea and China somehow draw.

Stranger things have happened in football. All I want is to go down fighting.

We actually play before China and South Korea so if we somehow beat Japan I'll be watching it.


A free kick from the corner of the box fooled everybody and went straight in! Huge lead!


Dreamland. A brilliant 90 seconds buts us in control. Still a lot of football left to be played.


A great first half. We need to keep it tight now. Last thing we need is concede straight away.


We have absolutely dominated this game and this is no more than we deserve. A very famous win.


Sensational performance. 

It means we go into the South Korea v China game needing 1 of 2 things to happen. 

1) Any draw at all.

2) A 1-0 China win and we will be Champions.

I'm not able to watch because I've had a game on the same day...which I suppose makes sense until you consider the fact I was suppose to be in the Turks and Caicos Islands the same day!

So with no drama whatsoever here's the final result.


We were 9 minutes away from being crowned Champions.


We gave it a good go and we leave with our heads firmly held high. Nobody will be shot.

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December 2025

The month isn't over yet. While we were destroying the Japs Teachers had the small case of a Cup Semi Final First Leg.


Instant Result got me the win but it looks like it wasn't plain sailing. One foot in the final.

No chance to recover as the second leg is days away. I'll need a Cherry at Christmas!


Disappointed our winning run has come to an end but we got the job done. Into the Final we march.

Enough time to squeeze one more into this month.


We should win!


May will be fun.


Bounced back with a win to finish 2025.

The league table looks good.


17 points clear. 33 left to play for. We could have it wrapped up by February.

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1 hour ago, andychar said:


December 2025

The month isn't over yet. While we were destroying the Japs Teachers had the small case of a Cup Semi Final First Leg.


Instant Result got me the win but it looks like it wasn't plain sailing. One foot in the final.

No chance to recover as the second leg is days away. I'll need a Cherry at Christmas!


Disappointed our winning run has come to an end but we got the job done. Into the Final we march.

Enough time to squeeze one more into this month.


We should win!


May will be fun.


Bounced back with a win to finish 2025.

The league table looks good.


17 points clear. 33 left to play for. We could have it wrapped up by February.

In the bag already :)

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2 hours ago, Northernpilgrim said:

In the bag already :)

Absolutely :). But I really want that unbeaten season. This is my best chance!

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36 minutes ago, andychar said:

Absolutely :). But I really want that unbeaten season. This is my best chance!

The last time I had an unbeaten season on FM/CM, Nigel Clough was playing for Liverpool!! :D

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January 2026

We reach World Cup year and the year Turks and Caicos will finally be removed from the game. I've added Crimea ready to load and because they haven't got a World Ranking if I go there next its not officially breaking the rules! There's still been no word from the only Cayman Islands job available to me. My clone and Smoochie might need to make an appearance.


4 games this month, lets keep this unbeaten season alive!


I've also created a full year of friendlies against teams who are ahead of me in the World Rankings who I think we can beat...apart from Wales that was there to play another European side before the World Cup.

I am cautiously optimistic about my team with North Korea. I plan to stay through till World Cup 2030 if they let me. Assuming I qualify!


Well that was a nice scare. Pegged back from 2-0 up and thinking the worse. Luckily we managed to retake the lead for good this time. A reminder that a win isn't guaranteed.



Records tumble.

Cayman Islands watch.


There are only two teams I can manage in the top division and one of them is currently in the relegation zone.


There is only one team who I currently have an application with at the moment...Tigers (CAY).


Beachers manager tried to talk smack before the game... back to your hole with you!


9 games to go as well.

Halfway through the month and things are looking good.

Top v Bottom next...weird to say I'm worried?

20 points clear with 27 points to play for..."Who do you think are favourites for the title?"




Never worried!

Countdown is on...20 points with 24 to play for. It means technically I can win the league in the next game.


We did our bit...


But Full Physic just stay alive.

The league table looks like this...


Just realised I got my calculation wrong and we couldn't have won the title either way...whoops.

22 points clear with 24 left to play for. Win next game win the league...




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February 2026

So this is the month we win the league and fingers crossed it will be done on the very first day of the month.

Truthfully if I wasn't going for an unbeaten season I would be instant resulting the rest of the season.


Full Physic ensure we have to win it ourselves.


Mission Accomplished.


Comfortable win thanks to a first half red. Now lets go unbeaten.

We have the hardest game on paper left. Home to 2nd next.

A new job has come free. Sunset the manager left to become the Cayman Islands National Manager. They have never won the league but currently sit top. Hope they tank.

Either way I've app

A good win and a flurry of late goals. 1 game closer to the dreamland.

International Break now but not for me. I'm going to lie down in a dark room for 2 weeks.



We had to do it the hard way. A little scare but its all good.

Table looks like this...


5 more games!

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does my breath seem baited to you, when the going gets rough will we be able to look back and say "least you'll always have Turks and Caicos Islands"

I hope not... it's a flaming mouthful

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March 2026

Only one game this month and its at the beginning pretty much. Its at home to Small World, probably the biggest game left on paper.

I also applied for another job in the Cayman Islands. East End (Cay) they currently sit 2nd bottom in Division One. Meaning the only jobs I have applied for are the two worst teams in the Cayman Islands.

I'm not expecting to hear from either of them any time soon. I'm going to see what happens with Crimea but I think we might be missing another year.


Or not...Tigers (CAY) currently sit bottom of Division One with 1 point all season. It would mean for the first time I would need to spend at LEAST two seasons at the same club and looking at the club probably even longer.


100% this month! Was made to sweat a little but a brilliant performance really.


Another record fell and its 4 games left for the unbeaten.

Table looks like this...


Just the casual 27 point lead.

Luckily March isn't over yet as we have a friendly against Iraq. Yes a friendly between North Korea and Iraq...

Before then however...


I just couldn't turn it down.


This is the struggle I'm facing. This is the bottom Tier.

If you have gotten use to my constantly breezing my way through countries I think that's all about to change.

Annoyingly I go there with one game left in the season meaning I won't get the full unbeaten season but I at least will play the Cup Final.


Erm...I'm going to attend just to see what would happen, having already accepted a job elsewhere...

Not normally one for friendlies but because there's been a gap I'm happy to take this one. Its officially my first Home Game for North Korea.


A very good win. I wasn't expecting such a good performance. It gives me confidence ahead of the World Cup although Switzerland and Mexico will be different to Iraq!

And there I thought this update would be boring!



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April 2026

April sees my last full month as Teachers FC manager.

3 games, my last league games...


Because I have no control with my future transfer to Tigers in the books I am literally just spamming spacebar trying to get out of this month as quickly as possible.

Still annoyed I'm not going to finish a complete unbeaten season but I couldn't turn any job done, no matter how painfully crap they maybe.


The currently season preview doesn't have Tigers predicted to be nearly as bad as they have been. Gives me hope for the future...a little bit of hope anyway.


It was the classic "score 5 goals in the first half, expect 10, nothing happens in the second half". If I had a pound for every time that's happened...

Another two week gap as the games start to come thin and slow.


Academy win the league again meaning its as you were for teams still available to me.


Cayman Brac are staring relegation in the face. North Side and Sunset have enjoyed good seasons in the top flight while East End, Future and Tigers make up the bottom 3 in division 1.

Obviously just because I'm Tigers future manager doesn't mean I won't be able to move to any of the other teams if they come knocking....please come knocking.





I thought that was going to be it for a second. The scoreline flatters us in the end. Not that I'm complaining!

One more league game for myself...

Its amazing to think the only points we have dropped all season came in the second game of the season.


I've also made a decision to keep up to date with the World Rankings. I will change the order as it does it real life. It means...


Its actually Pakistan that will be loaded next and not the Crimea (in place of Somalia).


Talk about leaving it late. Not to worry though. I'm leaving the side unbeaten in the league...they better not screw it up in the last game. 

Next month its the two legged Cup Final.


Our lead at the top is more than the total amount of points 4 teams have managed all season. I'm ready to leave.



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May 2026

May sees a cup final and a brand new team.


Pakistan is also set ready to go in June.

I wasn't worried about the Cup Final before but we have squeezed wins the past two games so maybe its not set in stone just yet. Lets see what the first leg brings. I've been upset before in a cup final.

Dominating at the break but still 0-0.


Well its a lead to take into the second leg but not an Earth shattering one. I want to strike early in the second leg, put this tie to bed.


Cayman Brac officially relegated. I'll see you next season boys.


Perfect end to what has been a very easy season.


Now all that's left to do is...well...leave.

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so you won't have the Turks and Caicos Island's unbeaten season to look back to when the going gets tough! because you ran away with 1 game to go ;)

I'd have taken the risk of a year out to stroke my ego with an unbeaten season, oh well I'm sure the Cayman Islands are going to be



Though seem's Tony has let himself go slightly.... 

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2 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

so you won't have the Turks and Caicos Island's unbeaten season to look back to when the going gets tough! because you ran away with 1 game to go ;)

I'd have taken the risk of a year out to stroke my ego with an unbeaten season, oh well I'm sure the Cayman Islands are going to be



Though seem's Tony has let himself go slightly.... 

:lol: “will roar for food”. I imagine I’m gonna be weeping in my Frosties next season. 

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Off Season 2026

Honestly the flag has changed.

This is hands down the biggest challenge so far this save. Just how bad are these guys?


11 goals scored all season.


Bottom from start to finish, a staggering 35 points adrift of anybody else.


The top scorer(s) bagged 2 and the team only saw 2 players awarded MotM.


The squad is huge with talent few and far between. 

This is going to need a gutting from top to bottom. And...for the first time ever this save...


I have a transfer and wage budget.

Oh and there's the small matter of the World Cup in between the signings.

I'm not going to list all the new signings because trust me there will be a lot...


And they were just the bottom feeders. I didn't want to cull too many because I don't know yet what sort of player I'm going to be able to attract.



I have to admin I like the finishing...if absolutely nothing else.

Not a single player wanted to join from Media Dream XI Division One which wasn't a good sign. I think next step was to look at fringe players from the top division and see if I can get anybody to drop down.

I'm looking forward to the new season to be generated so I know just how far from the top I actually am.

I've waited until after the World Cup to focus on building the squad.

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World Cup 2026

Preparations started with a friendly against the team I beat just to get here...Haiti. I've chosen them because with Mexico in my Group I wanted a North American team. We will also play Wales due to Switzerland being in our Group.


At half time in the first friendly...I've seen worse.


Second half was an antic-climax but it certainly was a great result. If we can somehow get a result against Wales we will go into the World Cup full of confidence.


We gave them a good scare but as you can see they were the better team throughout. Decent enough score in the end.

I'm not expecting much if anything against two teams clearly better than us...but lets see what happens.

This is the 23 man squad we are taking.


We lost our best LM between friendly matches which was very disappointing but we will have to do without.

Switzerland up first, I think its our best chance of a win. Obviously top 2 go through to knockouts. We need to avoid defeat here to even stand a chance. Switzerland and Mexico will be assuming their places are guaranteed...lets shock them...



VAR upheld it and then minutes later VAR gave another decision.


A penalty. I want to go home.




Well at least we celebrated a goal.



4-1 at the break against who I thought was the weaker out the two teams in our Group.


We are winning the second half!


You know what, take away that awful first 11 minutes and we actually played really well. Happy with the performance and on another day it could have been a different scoreline.

Suppose the plan now is for Switzerland to beat Mexico by 3 goals and then we sneak a draw...you never know!


Two late goals gives us the worst possible result. It means we are going to have to beat Mexico in order to qualify. I don't fancy our chances much.

Here we go, lets keep it tight for the opening 15 minutes...


Defence was always going to the weak point and its painfully showed.


More shocking defending.

Just missed a massive chance. We haven't taken chances when they have been presented.


And both teams have. Really frustrating.


Was going to stay on as manager but thinking twice now.


Just the 6 needed without reply in the second half.




Looking at the stats you wouldn't get a 7-0 scoreline. They just seemed to take every single chance while we took none of them. Probably the worst result I've had in years. I'm talking real life years.


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Pre-Season 2026

I wasn't confident heading into this season. At all!

Pakistan had loaded up and given me a list of teams who haven't won the league yet...


Only one division at least. I imagine it will be a long way until Pakistan so this list could easily change.


This is encouraging. They are 4th favourite in the top division. Lets see if we can nick some players on loan maybe?

I've asked for another one so lets see what happens.


We have a mountain to climb just to not finish bottom never mind gain promotion to the Top Division and then win that.



The World Cup Groups finished....


It wasn't until I actually looked at the groups until I realised we could have had a much better group!

I had 46 days until the first fixture. I needed an entirely new squad before then.


Hoping to jump ship before a game has even been played...and not I didn't have anything to do with this vacancy!

Of course I'm expecting 2 seasons to go by before I get an interview.

When I mentioned 46 days I forgot about Friendlies. My first friendly is against Academy who are favourites to win the Top Division this season...


Well that is a very encouraging loss if I ever saw one and in fact we conceded in the 90th minute. 

In fact a few signings here and there meant just after our first friendly the season preview looked like this...


Heading in the right direction. I'm strangely looking forward to the start of the season.

Before that though the World Cup was decided...



Great effort from Denmark but art imitating life.

George Town was our next friendly. They are predicted to finish 3rd in the top division.


Its not just the win its the method of the win. Very encouraging.


Well that's certainly improved.

Hope you got your money on when it was 650-1.

Next up is North Side. Managerless North Side who I wouldn't mind taking other despite the optimism.


Fellow First Divisioners in the First Round of the Cup. We have to fancy our chances right?


Bring on the season I'm ready!

Last friendly is against Scholars as part of our affiliation. I've loaned two players who both play AMR/L. I don't play either position. Whooops.

I'm a lot happier than I was before but we are still in need of some defenders.


2 wins a loss and a draw against 4 teams in a division ahead. Lets go!

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August 2026

A good preseason means absolutely nothing. The first thing we need to do is get through to the next round of the Cup.

2 legged against the team who came down last season. I told them I'd see them but I didn't think it would be so soon.


And so frequent.

30 games this season. Play every team 6 times. We got 1 point last season but actually got a win in the cup before being dumped out on aggregate.

Its a different team with a different man in charge. Lets get straight to it!

FYI I'm still the manager of North Korea and have every intention of taking them to the World Cup 2030.


We are going to need to win back the fans I think.


Expectations are simple. Finish 5th out of 6 and take part in the cup.

A man being sent off after 9 minutes probably wasn't apart of my plans.

And then going down to 9 men before half time definitely wasn't in the plan.

"I know your a man down but lets go out there and give the fans a performance"...


Never been happier with a 0-0 before. Obviously not the most ideal start but we are still in with a shot of heading into the next round of the cup.

Luckily not much time to wait for the second leg as its the next game. Can we keep 11 men on the field?

I meant to look to see if Away Goals counted...will find out soon enough!

We lasted 67 minutes...before going down to 10 men.


2 goals either side of the half time whistle gave us control of this game. Great performance marred with another red card. 

Into the next round we go!


Just when I'm getting my teeth sunk into this job I could be given a chance to move to an already good North Side team.

I'd happily stay and see how far I can take Tigers but given the nature of this save I could do with everything being quick and simple for now!


And just like that I've moved clubs...

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I was so getting behind the tigers, wouldn't have minded seeing you get your teeth into a side and having to build them from worst to best.

Though good luck with North Side this way you can get to Muslim FC sooner rather than later.

Out of interest, what if there are no teams left in a country that haven't won the title?

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August 2026

The down side of this job has come forward straight away...


I need to overturn a 2 goal defeat to get through to the next round of the cup. A small price to pay perhaps?


According to this the pieces are already there to mount a serious title challenge. I have to be disappointed if I can't win the league.

28 games. Play everybody 4 times. 

My first North Side game is 1 day after appointment and is in the league. The base squad needs to be there!

My usual trick hasn't worked at all. Not a single member of the media dream team wants to come to me. Next I'll try the National Team.

Potentially 3 coming. That will do before our first game of the season... I also need an Assistant Manager!

Heading into the first game and I'm beginning to think I've made a little mistake...


Well that was frustrating. We dominated from start to finish, hit the woodwork 4 times and came away with a point against (predicted to be) the worst team in the league. Not an ideal start at all but we move on.

Next up and finally this month is the Second Leg of the Cup. We need to overcome a 2-0 First Leg loss...I'm not feeling confident. It would be the first time I've officially been knocked out of a cup (although I've already qualified for the next round once so I'm totally counting it.)

I had 8 days to try and get as many players in as possible to strength this team. I'm not 100% happy with it. Be interesting to see how the AI do with Tigers.


Double century up!

Remembered to look this time...


No away goal rule. 2-0 down...lets do this...

The good news at half time is we are absolutely dominating.

The bad news...


We just can't find that all important breakthrough.


A penalty! And a much needed lifeline.


A free kick! And this tie is level.

66 minutes gone and we are down to 10 men. Seriously is there something in the Cayman Islands water. 4 games 4 red cards so far for me over 2 different teams.


Unbelievable scenes. Can we hold on!


A truly remarkable second half and we are sailing into the next round.

And who awaits us in the next round?


Well it just had to be didn't it.

I think I'm going to like it here.


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5 hours ago, Mandy42 said:


I was so getting behind the tigers, wouldn't have minded seeing you get your teeth into a side and having to build them from worst to best.

Though good luck with North Side this way you can get to Muslim FC sooner rather than later.

Out of interest, what if there are no teams left in a country that haven't won the title?

Ordinarily I would have agreed with you 100% but with so many countries to do I felt it best to smash on as fast as possible. North Side gave me the best chance to do just that.

If every playable team in a nation has won the league then there is only 1 teams I would be able to take over and that's the team who has been waiting the longest for a return to the top.

I don't think I've had a normal sounding team name yet...long may it continue!

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September 2026

After that brilliant cup back in the cup it was time to focus on the league. It wasn't a fantastic start but it could have been worse. I've been encouraged by the two performances either way.


Some tricky games with that away game against Academy being the big one. With 3 out of 4 homes games its important to take advantage.


Its actually nice not to have to ground share for a change!

I think the squad has proved itself to be decent enough so I won't be chasing many new players although I won't say no if one falls into my lap.

Annoyingly before the domestic games I had 2 friendlies with North Korea. With no major competition in the works I wasn't going to bother with them. Lets see how my Ass Man does...the same man who wanted to be sympathise with the squad after they had just been hammered 7-0. He's lucky I didn't chop his hands off.


Good performance and good result. All friendlies are against teams higher than us in the World Rankings. Try and boost us up a little. We are currently 77th. I want to break into the Top 50.


Not a bad result against a decent South American team.

We will see if anything that has done to the World Rankings.



Back to domestic football now and a chance to get my teeth sunk into the new league season.

Fingers crossed we can ride the high from the Cup win.


Back to back 4-0 wins. They will be sick of the sight of me. They missed a penalty at 1-0 and also had a goal disallowed at 2-0...gutted for them.

Straight on with the next game, another at home.


A good win and another 4 goals. Keep it up lads!

Tricky couple of games to finish the month.


Talk about leaving it late! A defensive error gifted us number 1 then a stroke of pure genius gave us the win. 3 wins from 3 in our home stand. Just what we needed. Away to Academy to finish the month. Lets see what we are made of.


Hardest game on paper. Luckily football isn't played on paper. It was like the Mexico loss, quite an evenish game but we took all the chances we got. The sending off followed by the 2 goals was a blow but not the end of the World at all.

First look at the Cayman Islands table.


We are top but only on GD. First game next month? Away to Scholars.

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of course you got Tigers in the cup!

Interesting for the 1st time you have another team in the league that is keeping pace with you, should make it interesting!

While I agree with you that in general terms the mammoth number of leagues you need to get through will make it feel like faster is better, this forum is littered with Journeyman threads that are gathering dust because the progress has been too fast. It's your thread so you should do what you feel, but its a marathon not a sprint, if an indulgent couple of seasons feeling like you belong somewhere is what the doctor ordered in order to keep you enjoying the game then don't feel bad for taking it, otherwise it's just a madcap dash from country to country.

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