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Adding teams to existing league (A-League) in future seasons

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I am trying to add two teams (Western United & Macarthur FC) to the A-League in 2019/20 and 2020/21 respectively. I tried copying what the MLS had setup for FC Cincinnati but can't quite get it right. I am having some issue with fixturing. in the file attached (Western United & Macarthur Bulls.fmf) fixtures are generated for 2018/19 but not 2019/20 (I didn't check any further than that). In the other attached file (Western United & Macarthur Bulls test.fmf) fixtures are not generated until 2020/21 season. When I originally started editing I kept getting an error " the number of dates set in stage 0 of the competition is 0 but should equal 33" so added dates even though the original A-League did not have dates added. Thisi s pretty much the only difference between the two databases - the former has dates added and the latter doesn't.


Am I having trouble adding the new teams due to the unique rules of the A-League or is it my inexperience in editing causing me issues?


Thanks guys.

Western United & Macarthur Bulls test.fmf Western United & Macarthur Bulls.fmf

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I've managed to get the teams to come in at the right period now and have fixtures assigned but the league rules don't count to the new teams (designated players, minimum salaries etc.) How do I force a club to take on the rules of the new league? I can register players and the league rules are all there but if I go to sign a plyer for example I can offer contracts less than £24500, I cannot offer designated player contracts and currently my DP is being counted within the salary cap.

Western United & Macarthur Bulls.fmf

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