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I have noticed a few things about crowds in the last few years that could be improved:

  • Proportion and variety of shirts - I don't see any crowds wearing third shirts nowadays (it's all home and away), but with far too great a proportion wearing replica home shirts instead of normal attire - especially in winter. Shirts could also see names and numbers appearing from big players in the squad.
  • For big occasions perhaps you would be more likely to see patterned tee-shirts in the crowd (so for example blocks of fans in red, the alternate blocks in white for a trophy collection, final, or stadium move)
  • In finals the crowds the 2 x teams should have a specific "end" and be more like to meet in the middle on each side, rather than each having a side and each having an end. In bigger finals there are more neutrals/sponsor fans, so we should see a more distinct end each, and the "neutral" areas down the sides a mixture of non-club attire, with some fans of each club dotted in there.
  • There is currently the occasional flare, but I don't see any scarves anymore - this plus distinct groups waving scarves and flags (clappers etc. too) in home ends would be good.
  • Customised stadium design on the editor - so we can control overall design (separate stands, or bowl, filled in corners or not, length of run-off area or running track)

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