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Signing onto coach A-League club

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Australian contracting issue.zip


I've reported this before in a different guise but I think it may be linked. I've uploaded a zip with four saves at different intervals. Essentially, I am trying to get a job at an A-League club (either Melbourne Victory or Adelaide United). As a well credentialed Australian manager I thought this would be a no-brainer. My reputation is 3 stars and I have a national A licence (studying for a continental C licence). I also have 6 cup wins and a league win in competitions higher than the A-League. Now, I lost out to Kevin Muscat at Melbourne Victory (a previous Victory manager until 2020) who has a lesser reputation but higher licence. I then added another manager to Victory and retired to clear the manager slot. I re-applied and then lost out to Chris Grossman who again has a lesser reputation but better licence. The only thing these two have in common are they are both based within Australia.

I continued on and missed out on the Adelaide United job as well. I didn't continue playing to see who took the job as by that stage I was pretty annoyed at the game. As far as I was concerned an Australian manager coming off a recent Premier League win asking to come back to Australia should have been wanted by every club in the land. To be told all times that the board agreed with my interview but felt I wasn't the best fit just seemed wrong to me.

I tried the above all while in contract at New England and by resigning prior to applying for the jobs.

How this relates to other issues

I have previously reported that when playing in the A-League other clubs never hire managers from outside Australia. This seems wrong considering managers such as Jim Magilton, Markus Babbel, et al have come to Australia to coach. In fact, 24 of the A-League's 52 different managers have had nationality other than Australian (granted, some such as Miron Bleiberg were recruited from within Australia). It looks as if the game is dismissing manager applicants out-of-hand for A-League clubs regardless of credentials, experience and nationality.Now, I have had issues in the past trying to get jobs, regardless of past experence/success (I have never been able to get either the England or Germany job - I always assumed it was my Australian nationality). As far as I am concerned, A-League clubs should be jumping over themselves to hire me. I even had Victory as a favoured club (this may or may not have helped/hindered both applications).


I am not sure how to fix this and cannot offer any solutions other than fixing existing issues with the A-League. I am hoping with this extra save it may help to uncover two issues at once and rid the game of this bug forever.

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