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Level of Detail - maximum - Champions cup

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I have 35 leagues running in 14 countries. Playing in England at the bottom. The other 13 countries simulate in the background.

I have database on large, and loaded in every player for those 13 nations that play in the background.

The simulating of the football world around is a big point for me.

Therefore i have the setting LEVEL OF DETAIL put on maximum on every match in England, and every cups. Also internationals.

On the Champions cup the level of detail is therefor also put on maximum, thinking that every match including the qualifications are going to be simulated 100% and not by the DUMBED down simulator who are made to make the game run faster. It's very easy to see when the game "cheat".

The first qualification round of the Champions cup have 14 matches. It took 5 seconds to simulate all of them when it normaly take about 10 seconds A MATCH when simulated correctly. (you could also see them beeing simulated becuase not possible to see match report.

Why does it cheat when i have level of detail on MAXIMUM? I want them to be simulated 100%. Is there other settings than level of detail?

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