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Help Me Figure Out Why My Club Is Hemorraging Money

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I'm in the year 2042 in my current save and my first year at my new club Arsenal. I'm trying to figure out the finances. I'm within player payroll budget but the Net Debt keeps rising. I don't see any new stadium investment. What am I missing?


I uploaded the save file to the SI Cloud service. Name of game file is "Gozinya-Arsenal.fmv".

I posted here instead of the bugs section because I'm not sure it's a bug. Just trying to understand where the money is going.



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Not sure if you managed to figure it out but have you looked at the tax?

I realised in one of my seasons at Brentford I'd earned too much in the PL one season and the next I was being taxed heavily. 

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Thanks for the reply. No I never did figure out where the money was going. Unfortunately I didn't pay too much attention to the taxes at the time. I'm already in 2046 of my save, still at Arsenal, and have been quite successful so the finances have been pretty healthy the last couple of years. Not sure it would do much good but here is a current snap shot of my club taxes. I'm no expert in this area but now that you brought it up, the monthly VAT seems rather high.

Thanks again.:thup:



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