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Set up a scouting network

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Hello fellas, I'm looking for some advice on how to set up a correct scouting network. In my current save I started with Valencia and managed to finish 3rd in the league and won the Spanish Cup and the Champions League. I thought the board would help me with funds to further strengthen the team and win the title in the next season considering that we were leading in the league mid-season but then we collapsed due to a run of poor results. But they gave me a transfer budget of 3m... So I went to ask them to buy a CB that would fit in nicely in my team but they rejected so I told them I can't do my job if they won't buy. And we came to an agreement to end the contract.

Fast forward, I went on holiday and got recruited by Malaga in December, they got promoted in La Liga. Malaga aren't close to Valencia in terms of squad quality and finances, so that's why my policy of buying cheap and selling big is even more important. As you figured out, I want to have scouts in parts of the world where they can find cheap and quality players, not necessarily young players, any age will do as long as they can do the job, but the key word here is CHEAP. I tried to do something similar at Valencia when I was managing them, recruited a very good team of scouts, send them abroad in Argentina, Brazil, Netherlands etc, but they barely found any players of the requirements I was looking for (Current Ability Very Good, then dropped it to Good)

I am not experienced at setting up scouting because I never got past the first season in FM19 except this time around. So how do I do guys? Is there any secret to this? I haven't loaded many leagues, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and a few more.

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