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Player/Agent Interaction & Negotiations

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Would be nice to start contract negotiations by approaching the player (or player's agent) about contract negotiations and get their offer first.

Player Interaction -> Discuss Contract -> "The club is open to negotiating an extension to you deal. What are your terms?"


  • "Not interested in renewing. Period"
  • "Not interested in renewing unless conditions are met." (improve squad, increased status, playing time, et al)
  • "Interested in renewing, not at this time." (basically gambling that performance in the upcoming season will increase contract")
  • "Interested in renewing, here are my terms..."

Player Interaction -> Discuss Transfers -> Transfer -> "We've signed [select new player] and plan to use him in your position. We expect you to [fight for you place] or [rotate with new player] or [mentor new player] or [be transferred away from club]."


  • "WTF Mate, you don't respect me. Here's my transfer request"
  • "This concerns me, but I'm willing to fight if you guarantee me fair rotation"
  • "Bring on the challenge"
  • "I'll help [new player] acclimate to the position and role"

Player Interaction -> Discuss Transfers -> Transfer -> "We're looking to sell you because [you don't fit into my plans] or [you're not going to get enough playing time] or [we need to offset recent transfer outlays]."

Responses ranging from willing to have agent seek transfer/loan offers to expressing desire to stay and fight for place.

Player Interaction -> Discuss Squad Status -> "Your importance to us has changed and we're [increasing] or [decreasing]"

Responses ranging from transfer request to gratitude and increased respect for manager.

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