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[Suggestion] Development List - club/manager DNA selection criteria

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I would like to see the development list further expanded and make the management/tactical style of the club players get sent to part of the selection process.

Extra criteria I would like added:

  • Preferred Formation
  • Playing Mentality
  • Coaching Style
  • Youth Facilities
  • Training Facilities

By adding these extra criteria, I can decide what type of manager and/or club I wish to see my player develop under. This way a loan club can be found for my player that matches the training philosophy I wish them to learn from.

When they come back to the club they are either more aligned with our managers training style or trained in a different skill set for a future project we wish them to partake in.

I believe in real life some managers want to send their players to a club whose manager have different philosophies to themselves so the loaned players can learn different skills and become better footballers. I would like so see these kind of selections and thought processes emulated better in FM.


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