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Post-match autosave; Smart multi-advance

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1. I was playing on battery power earlier and my laptop died between the end of the match and the weekly autosave. When I reloaded and replayed the game my result actually improved (0-1 win to 0-3 win) so no harm done, but it did make me think that having an additional option to save after matches as well as weekly etc. would be useful - perhaps reverting to weekly during international breaks etc. when there are no matches.

2. Earlier today I clicked continue only for the game to immediately drop me back into my inbox with a new e-mail timestamped exactly the same as the one I'd hit continue after reading. During long spells without matches it would be nice to skip ahead several days rather than have to sit there and click 'continue' several times a day. I know that I can go on holiday but bitter experience has taught me that as soon as I do that, my phone in-game is switched off, e-mails are set to out-of-office and my character goes somewhere that even the faxes don't work - I'm out of touch until I come back, which will doubtless coincide with a key player wanting to speak to me and going off in a huff because I can't be reached, and my PA can't ask them to wait until I'm back. So it would be nice to have a configurable option here, allowing me to return if something important happens - a player seeking a meeting, a player on my shortlist is bid for, etc.

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