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[Suggestion] Out of Possession - Pressure Funnels

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I would like to see a 'Funnel' option added to the Out of Possession team tactics that influences the way Pressing is executed by the team across the field. Basically a pressure 'funnel' is where your team acts collectively to direct the opposing teams play, either by forcing play out to the wings or into the centre of the field.

I see three options available: Exterior Funnel - Mixed - Interior Funnel

The Funnel option could be split further by having settings for Attacking half of the field and settings for the Defending half, in case us as managers wish to deploy a different pressure funnel strategy depending on what half of the field the opponents are in.

I do realise FM has had a the Opposition Instruction of 'Show onto foot' but I have always seen this an individual instruction for dealing with a specific player/position, not as a collective tactical strategy.

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