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Hi there,

So I first noticed this problem a while ago in which my MacBook Pro screen would fizz out (coloured lines then freeze) during games. I thought it was related to the number of leagues I had loaded (all of them, over 125k player limit) so I removed leagues and it worked fine.

However, the problem has come back and persists even in a test save I have with 1 league loaded. As soon as I start a match, with 100% certainty now at some point during the game the screen will have coloured lines through it and then freeze. Sometimes freezing with the game in normal view after the colour lines disappear. It's a mid 2015 MacBook Pro that Apple have recently serviced. I've tried running Europa Universalis IV and Imperator: Rome on it, and they run fine, so this is clearly an FM specific issue. 

Was desperate to get some gaming in on this long weekend and I can't because it keeps freezing. Any suggestions on what I can do? Would really appreciate help.
Btw I do have custom graphics from FM Scout, just logos, however this problem persisted before I downloaded them. My match graphics detail is at medium. My computers rating is 5 stars. 

Just to be clear this only happens during matches. 

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Hi do you have any screenshots for this coloured lines issue, please? Also it would be great if you can attach your system report on here so we can see if it is related to your machine specifically.


Let us know how you get on, please. Thanks.

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