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[Suggestion] Clarity, Quality and Depth of Detail in Analysts' Reports

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There should be variations in the clarity, quality and depth of detail in the reports provided by the analysts staff. If you have great analysts and great data analysis facilities, you should have access to great reports, with a very accurate analysis of your next opposition, for example. Very clear, with a huge depth of detail in case you want to dive deeper in the analysis.

On the other hand, if you have just a decent data analysis setup, you should get only a limited access to the full picture, because not having the best would mean you wouldn't have top softwares and neither computational power to generate very accurate reports as you'd like.

And finally, having a poor setup would mean having almost ****** analysis, more confusing than helpful, and you'd have to struggle to make sense of what you really needed to know about players and oppositions.


The way it is today is kind of a binary situation: you either have it (being the same for any team in any situation, either Real Madrid or a 7th tier team from France) or you don't, in case you don't have any analyst in your staff.

I know they have attributes to define how good they are in their analysis, but IF those attibutes really have any effect, it's too subtle to be noticed.

I'd like to see a visualization of how good my data analysis setup really is. If it is bad, so make the reports view bad, with some inaccurate informations here and there. But if it is good, give me an almost-fortuneteller-like description of what is going to be for us if we get some player or how my opposition is going to play.

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Fully agree with this. At the moment there just feels like no differentiation with your data analytics setup and staff.

I think there should be Data Analytics packages the club purchases and are part of the scouting budget.

Like the different levels of scouting packages you can purchase, analytics packages give access to different data and better ways to display that data.

The Data Analyst facilities have a direct bearing on the tiers of analytics packages your club can subscribe to. The skill of your data analyst team also have an influence on the quality/accuracy of the reports.

I suggested a related idea a while ago


Where you can also choose the company you wish to subscribe to so depending on the company chosen reports and data look different based on the company style. 

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This idea of having different packages to choose from is great. You could just hire analysts to work on their own devices or you could purchase packages like you suggested, so you could have a better and focused idea in the reports you receive.

So contracting these packages would mean an increase in quality in your analysis facilities, while canceling the contract without purchasing another would mean a downgrade.

But, and just because this is how it is in real life, the manager shouldn’t have full power to decide about this. In fact, the board’s position about this (like many other decisions in the game should be) would weight more than your opinion as just the manager. So this would be more of a discussion with the board of how you think the team should approach this part of the game than just us clicking a box and voilà! “I chose that package”.

I really hope SI at least considers this. Because, you see, this is not a massive change that would disrupt the gameplay. This is not a complete revamp, as Miles likes to say. Instead, this would be one of those minor tweaks that makes the game even better and close to the real thing. I really don’t think this is very hard to implement. Would this make the game a little bit harder than it already is? Yes. But real life is hard.

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