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[Suggestion] Manager job interview tweaks

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When attending job interviews, I feel the questions and the required responses are a bit disjointed from the subject being discussed because of the lack of information presented to us.

Some key questions that lack detail are questions around working with a current Director of Football and any backroom staff changes.

For the Director of Football question, it would be good if a mini-profile is also included on the screen to give key details about the Director of Football. Having to click away from the interview process to look up details about the DoF destroys the interview flow. Likewise when asked about making any changes to the backroom staff and the budget changes required. I am being asked questions about staff I know nothing about and have to remove myself from the interview to look up details about the staff and then come back and make a decision. It would be better if all current staff members are listed on the screen with hoverover profile cards to look at the staff, similar to the screen presented when the club you are interviewing for asks for what staff you want to keep/remove.

I know in real life you would do this research all this before an interview but game-wise this is not practical especially when you apply for lots of jobs.

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