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Pressing..."less urgent" limitation issue

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Hi all.

I've been looking to implement a gegenpress tactic on my first fm19 save. When setting the default tactic, it sets the pressing intensity to "extremely urgent" and yet my box to box midfielders and various others have their pressing intensity locked as "less urgent."

Is this because these roles aren't consistent with extremely urgent pressing and thus that individual role's pressing is limited to "more urgent", and therefore the level of pressing will always be "less urgent" than the default tactical instruction for example?

Apologies if this has been covered in another thread, I did try to search for a solution to the issue on these forums or whether it simply isn't an issue as such. 

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Was answered here :


"It's a visual issue. It means that the role generally presses less urgently when compared with other roles/duties. However you likely have your overall team pressing intensity set to max which means he's very high overall."

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