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Remake Jupp Heynckes treble

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This had to be made ofcurse with none other then Bayern Munchen in the game!

The only problem is , many of the players that played in the last treble version of Jupps side is still in Bayern, just older.

One of the rules when I remake a tactic is I dont change the tactic for single games. Is same tactic all season. So the tactics are more effective then I show it here if you want to use it.

So here we go: 

Movie for those who want more:

Jupp achived: the treble
I: didint achie the treble since I went out in CL on away goals against Liverpool.

Jupps team: 91 points in Bundesliga
My team: 78 points (only 2 loses)


- Jupps team played normally with a 4-2-3-1 formation
-Back 4 built around pace and physique of Dante and Boateng
- In centeral midfield: Martinez and legend Schweinsteiger (where Martinez could drop down in defensive line if needed and Schweinsteiger as playmaker if player behind the strikers (kroos) was marked ore Muller started behind the srtiker.
-Robben and Ribery at the flanks and Kroos/Muller behind the striker:Mandzukic (the striker didint score that many goals (15) but helped in other aspects of the game.
- In goal ofcurse sweeper goal keeper Neuer.

- Bayern had high defensive line but not offside trap. CD use to tight mark the players. Relaying on there pace.

- Jupp had a gegenpress.
- up front fluid

My Team:

FB-A : Cross more often, mark tighter
CD-Stopper: mark tighter
BPD-d: mark thighter
WB-S: Cross more often and mark thighter

Vol- S:
AP-S Mark Thighter , more direct passing
Right:if-s: mark thighter,get forward , shoot more often

Left: if-a: mark thighter

Pressing forward -A : Shoot more




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